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Birdman’s A Star Pt.2

Lil Wayne held his final going-away party last night at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. Apparently, he, Bow Wow and Amber Rose weren’t the only stars in attendance. Birdman completed his constellation with four new tats on his scalp. Twinkle, twinkle with two more photos after the jump. Birdman’s A Star

YN vs. DJ Drama (Pt.1)

Y’all refresh your page and send tweets to beg for the release of new music, I get on a plane and step straight to the source to get the real deal Holyfield. At the infamous Aphilliates office, me and my lightskinned brother from another disect the Fab-mixtape-blame-game, release-date-change, never-ending clusterfuck. I want answers and I want the truth!

YN vs. Big Boi (Live From Stankonia)

While in the A, I hit up Antwan’s legendary stu to hear the current version of Sir Lucious Left Foot. Let me tell you after 3 years of hard work and label politrix, he’s got some funky shit. It’s a wild ride. I hope you get the pleasure to hear it soon. And you will, if Boi’s off-the-record plans hold true. Above, a brief lil convo exchange between two OG’s (Old Official G’s). Stay tuned and you might be able […]