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New Mixtape: The Golden Chamber (Wu-Tang Clan)

Here’s somethin’ new from the blokes across the pond, DJ Frinkton and the Lovesoul DJs.

“The tape is hosted by all members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and contains interview snippets with RZA and Method Man, that can be seen in full on Lovesoul.TV. The Lovesoul DJ’s state, ‘The RZA and Method Man interviews

were really insightful and we cannot wait to share them. It was great

working with them and the other Clan members to create something very

unique and nostalgic. It’s rich with feelings of great times in


Great, I’ll support anything that’ll make me forget about 8 Diagrams.  *downloads now* Hit the jump for tracklisting.

Props: The Hip Hop Chronicle UK

Queen Latifah’s Birthday Party

Don’t think there’s ever been so much female rap royalty in one place. Missy, Lil Kim, Yo-Yo, Rage, MC Lyte all pay respect to her royal highness at her born day bash last night. Look at Ms. Whitaker gettin’ her hostess on—that’s my Miss Rap Supreme. Ha! 

Thanks to producers Cool and Dre’s twitter for the tip. Ha!


cooi and dre


On the hunt for good performance footage and will add when I find it.

Weezy Likes Keri’s “Vagina Tight”

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Friday night, Keri Hilson was on Jimmy Kimmel and she brought her lil ass-slappin’ buddy, Lil Wayne a.k.a. the #1 rapper in the game. Hey, I’m just statin’ facts I didn’t put him there. Anyway, watch the king of Late Night bust out Birdman Jr. for his raunchy lyrics. Who knows what Wayne ever says, right?

As you can see, this is the debut of the RR TV Tuner cards. That’s right, Rip Game Proper (Telemundo Style). Step to the rear, Mr. World Premiere. Ha! I’m just jokin’. Jokes! No shots as you kids say.

Props: Crystal “No Commercials” F. Home team!