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Eminem Still Hearts Asher Roth

Black on Black Crime. White Rap on White Rap Love.

In an interview with Detroit’s Metro Times, Em admits coppin’ Asleep In The Bread Aisle.

“Well, Ashley Roth has actually said, I think, in a song that he was influenced by me. And that’s fine. I feel great when other artists are influenced by me. I mean, it’s certainly flattering. But as far as people saying he sounds like me and shit like that, well, I got his album and I don’t think it sounds anything like me. I was just listening to it the other day, in fact. That’s one of the “catch-up” music things I mentioned earlier. I really wanted to check him out because people have been telling me to check him out. And I think the kid is dope. I think he’s good and I don’t think he sounds like me. It’s kinda sad that just because he’s white and he raps, then he’s automatically gonna get that.”

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