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RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Tribe Called Quest Beginnings (Part 2)

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A watermelon-eatin’ MC Serch. Red Alert’s record carrier, Baby Chris Lighty. The “Bridge Is Over” acetate. Who’s DJ Flamboyant? The origin of his group’s name. Yup, more crazy musings from The Abstract.

Bonus: Shut up and listen. 

“The Promo”

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Bow Wow Would Toss Tahiry’s Salad
When YN posted Tahiry’s KING spread earlier this week, the ‘net ate it up. Well at the 4:12 mark of JD’s Living the Life series, Bow Weezy says he wouldn’t mind going to lunch on Joe Budden’s ol’ lady. 
“No disrespect to Joe. I’ll eat it, my nigga”

Jermaine’s grill piece is priceless.
Props: Nigel D
Drake Interview (Angie Martinez Show)

The hottest rapper in the Rotten Apple (Tell ‘em I said that) has his first official radio interview with the Voice of New York.

Part 1: Missed the very beginning talk of his TV past and he pretty much confirms the Jay-Z/Just Blaze rumor is true.

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Part 2: Dude praises the genius of Weezy and charms the ladies.

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Bonus: The rare occasion where the clean edit is better than the dirty.

“Best I Ever Had”

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You the You the > You the fuckin’

RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Tribe Called Quest Beginnings (Part 1)

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Props to DJ Ness who beat us all to the punch with his 1-2 combo. But like I did with my Kanye West SXSW footage, I like to roll my shit out chronologically so you can get the real feel of what it was like to be there. Plus, it helps me keep better track of these large ass video files. Ha!

Anyway, this is the first interesting segment of the sit down where Kamaal talks about his childhood, losing talent shows in high school and how he got down with the Jungle Brothers.

L.A. Reid on Charlie Rose Show


A big look for Rick Ross’ bawse who charmed Mr. Rose at a dinner to get his shine on here. Eat your heart out, Hov. Speaking of which, Antonio praises Jay as our Frank Sinatra who discovered Kanye West. (Sorry Dame!) He also recalls his time with Babyface as being the guy, behind the guy (pause); bigs up 50 Cent and Beyonce; and details how he squashed the beef with rival exec Clive Davis. If you have any interest in the music biz, take heed to the words of Mr. Reid.

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