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Beyonce Playing Games With Nintendo

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Woooha reports that Beyonce Mrs. Carter, will be featured in the upcoming promotional campaign for Nintendo DS’ video game, “Rhythm Heaven.” Aside from Guitar Hero and Rock Band, music based games really dont go over so well. Just as long as it’s better than this, Bey should be able to advance to the next level.

New Music: GLC Ft. Kanye West x T-Pain “Flight School”

Ok. Whoever wrote Kanye’s verse, please step forward. Was it you, Mr. Jenkins?

“I got my Superman power/ My Superman cape/ These the last hours, but Superman late/ Clock is ticking, damn can you wait?/ Man, will he come back and save the day?/ Fly across the earth, put things in reverse/ I wish this life was a movie, I could just rehearse/ Certain things I can’t doctor and you say I’m the worst/ I ain’t have enough patience, but I needed a nurse/ That’ll come by my bed late/ See if my head ache/ Then, get my head straight/ Then give me head, great!/Every time I pop-up like the VCR/ I took your breath away, and then we performed CPR/ With all the cars, the clothes/ The lights, the boats/ I guess I was just trying to sow my royal oats/ In the penthouse position, with Penthouse bitches/See I pimped my crib, so I must Xzibit/ Shit, these last years been a haze like Issac/ So I close my eyes tighter than Asian eyes get/ And realize I got the same wings that angels fly with/ With Louis Vuitton feathers, now that’s some fly shit.”

Oh yeah, GLC and T-Pain are on the record too.

“Flight School”


Props: Youheardthatnew

Biggie’s Final Party


*Jaw drops* Here is never before seen footage from the infamous night at the Petersen Automobile Museum. In the clip, you see P. Diddy, DJ Clue, Missy Elliott, and other hip-hop stars having a grand ol time. The most ironic and chilling part is at the 6:07 mark, when Ed Lover gets on the mic and gives a rest in peace shout out to 2Pac. Little did he know, he’d be doing the same thing a few hours later.

Kid Cudi On Last Call

I guess you can call these Cudi’s farewell performances, huh? Here he is performing Jimmy Jones’ his hit “Day N Nite” on Last Call With Carson Daly. Hit the jump to check out additional footage.

New Video: The Knux “Fire”

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891892&w=425&h=350&]
If you’re unable to check the Lindsey brothers out this Saturday at SXSW, shame on you. But don’t fret, peep their spankin’ new clip “Fire” and pretend you were there.