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Charles Hamilton Responds To Beat Jackin’ Rumor

No surprise. Charles Hamilton is highly irritated about accusations that he stole the track to his song “Shinin.” Peep some of what he said on his blog and if you still don’t believe him he’ll send you the Pro Tools session. Lord knows, I got it.

“My song, “Shinin” was recorded November 18th 2006. At the end of the song I say, “Yung Nate. Nigga your birthday coming up. You ain’t that young.”

Nate’s birthday was November 23rd.

He graduated FDA in 2006. And still came back to the studio. Just like me.

But Yung Nate NOR “Black Spade” is Charles Hamilton.

“Black Spade” said he put his version of the song on MySpace in 2007.

I just showed y’all dates, and I have witnesses.

ON TOP of having beat files.

E-Rich, on some G sh1t, I probably should post the Fruity Loops file. And the ProTools session. And let the world see how “G” I am. But that’s giving this no name n1gga WAY too much attention.

And even realer than that, if I jacked your beat, and PERFORMED IT IN FRONT OF YOU, I should be blogging about my bruises, right?

F*ck outta here.”

Rihanna call this lil nigga back already. He needs a hug. Ha!


Public Enemy Animated Movie?

MTV reports that Public Enemy are in talks to produce a full length animated movie based on their comic book.

“The first ‘Public Enemy’ graphic novel collection comes out in May and there is a lot of interest from Hollywood…It would definitely be animated,” our source confirmed. “There is lots of talking going on.”

The irony is that Flav’s already a cartoon, so it’ll be intresting to see how they pull this one off.