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Cross Dressing Rappers Ain’t Whoa!


Hey kids, go wake up your granddaddy! Can you guess who this is? No. Well, pull up a chair. This is none other than Afrika Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers. See, back in the 90s, his career jumped the shark after he turned into a cross dressing Pagan. Yeah, drugs this business will do that to ya. In the clip, he she gives a PSA against domestic violence. 

“Shame on Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna. Fucking freak!” 

*blank stare  Ironic, aint it?

Props: RobthemusicEd

The Internets Nigga You Love To Hate: WSHH’s Q


“Me and my partner capitalized off the downfall of BET.”

Hey Internets, this is Q from WSHH. You don’t know the grill but you know the url. I haven’t been this excited to put a face to the name since Erik Parker brought us fuck boy from his K-Mart lunchbreak. Ha!

Props: The 3D Rick Ross glasses-lovin’ Queen of Radio and Lee-Lee!

Soulja Boy Gets Crunk


This kid’s been movin’ pretty good lately. So I’m just gonna pretend he didn’t do this. Ok? Thank you. *Whistles and looks up to the sky*

Sidebar: Dave Chappelle can’t ever become a star again so Mortimer‘s got no shot. 9 shots!

Throwback Video: Nas Post Summer Jam 2002 Interview

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Deep in YN’s hip-hop treasure trove comes a candid interview with Nas at the height of his battle with [insert any rapper/ DJ here]. At the 4:22 mark, Nasir throws Funk Flex off the train.

“From my understanding he was mixing at gay clubs. Now he’s mixing on Hot 97.” Ouch.

After the jump, he talks about the conspiracist Hot 97 and his foiled Summer Jam plans. Smarten up, Nas.

Lil Wayne x Baby Have Money On Their Mind


Karen Civil has obtained paperwork filed by Cash Money against several mixtape DJs. Most notably is DJ Drama over The Dedication series. This development comes after reports of Wayne filing a lawsuit against, Quincy Jones III  regarding an upcoming biopic. Good grief, these niggas are down by law for real.  

Update: Drama explains the lawsuit

Common Loses Superpowers

Woooha reports that Lonnie’s superpowers have been revoked as the lead role in The Green Lantern movie (No, DJ) scheduled to drop late next year. There’s no word as to why Warner Brothers dropped him from the role, but I’m guessing it’s a “Black thang.” In the comics, the original Lantern was of the Caucasian persuasion. So, the script probably had to be tweeked to fit Com. Ah well, at least he hit the jackpot here. Lucky bastard.