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Drake: Trey Songz The Greatest R&B Singer Of Our Generation


Last night at the Canal Room in NYC, Drake went out on a limb and said Trey Songz was the greatest R&B singer of the generation. Bold statement there, Aubrey. Unfortunately, I’d have to disagree. I think that honor goes to Robert S. Kelly. Say what you want about the Pied Piper, (Lord knows, I have) but Kellz has been running Generation Y for a minute. Sigh. Insolence is bliss.

Props: Miss Info

Moment of Clarity: Yuuup, I was wrong. While Kellz maybe the greatest male R&B artist ever, he isn’t a memeber of Trey and Drake’s generation. So in that regard, perhaps Drizzy has a point. But on the flipside, who’s the comp?   

Kid Plays Himself In Commercial


Here’s Christopher Reid of Kid-N-Play fame hawking suits for a California retailer. Now, there’s nothing better than rocking tailored duds. But, to hear Kid say “It’s not about that hip-hop house party stuff” and then suggest folks wear suits when their homeboy gets shot is just downright embarrassing, if not tacky. I’m sure Men’s Warehouse would frown at such a thing. Iron out your act, and get it together. Better yet, let your man Dave hook you up.