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Lupe Plays Ball With The Major Leagues
Lupe Santos

Who says Black people have no place anymore in America’s pastime. Word on the curb is Lupe Fiasco and his buddy Matthew Santos are gonna make some of that “Superstar” magic (what year is this?) at the Chicago White Sox home opener on Monday Apr. 6. Buy me a flip cam and Cracker Jacks.

Props: Broken Cool (who’ll be guest bloggin’ next week at the Double R!) via LupE.N.D.

DJ Quik Offers Balance and Options


In a three part series, DJ Quik speaks to Hardknock TV on the state of the game. Relax and take notes, whippersnappers.

On working with artists

“Some of them I work with. Some of them they dont have it. You got to tell the truth.”

Gangsta Rap

“The gangbanging thing is trite. It’s done. It’s brunt. Gangsta Rap was like New Jack Swing, it ran its course, fuck it leave it alone. Do some other shit.”

Dr. Dre’s Detox

“All the anticipation is driving everybody crazy. And I heard some of it. It’s hot record. But it’s like you know, is he going to put it out or not?”

After the jump, check out parts two and three.

T.I.’s MTV Show Gets Pushed Back To April 7

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891839&w=425&h=350&fv=]

It’s a long complicated story but the finale of T.I.’s Road To Redemption didn’t air Tuesday night as scheduled due to technical difficulties. The producer of the show, Michael Hirschorn (the man also behind the ego trip shows) explains what went wrong here. True story: I would always worry something like this would happen to our shows. You do so much editing last minute you never know if something’s gonna go wrong.

Wiping the pie off their faces, MTV is gonna air the show on April 7 at 9 pm EST. I know my nigga Sway is tight. Ha!

Sidebar: Can they find a more annoying VJ than dude above? He sucks!

Busta Rhymes Is Tired of Using Technology
Trev vehemently explains how technology is limiting human interaction. Peep the Beenie Man cameo at the 1:36 mark. *does the Pepperseed*
“The computer has made niggas lazy. The computer has made niggas interact less. It’s dehumanzing people!”
I second that emotion. A brotha can only sex-text for but so long!
Asher Roth’s A Rolling Stone

Here’s an “exclusive” peak at the Asher Roth mini-feature in the new Lil Wayne Rolling Stone. Black man on the cover. White man inside. Sounds about right. Big business!

Squint your eyes and try to make out the copy after the jump.

Jadakiss Source Cover & Jim Jones Ozone Cover
Jada Source

Eskay recently revealed that his hometown favorite graces one of The Source‘s 3 upcoming covers. There’s also a Busta and a Bun one for the ten collectors still left. Hey everyone gets a cover nowadays, huh? Notice this one’s also a double month edition. Not a good sign. Still it’s hard to believe the cockroach of publishing will ever die. Lord knows I heard the crunchy sound when I lifted my Timbo up. Smh.

After the jump, Julia Beverly thinks Da Capo’s album’s called Purple Reign.