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Plies Pays Tribute To “The First 48″

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Yup, Algernod’s got another album coming whether you like it or not. Here he explains how a popular TV show influenced one of his new songs.

“I got a song right now called ‘First 48,‘ ” the Florida native revealed. “It’s wrapped around the whole TV series ‘The First 48 Hours.’ I’m telling you on the record: ‘Everybody is a goon until they catch a case/ When the detectives get to the talking/ All that gangsta shit fades away/ The first 10 minutes, dog, you started off straight/ Detective applied a little pressure, you turn around and break.’

“That whole situation for me, that intro, I’m sitting here watching TV, and I didn’t know it was that many unreal dudes still left in the streets,” he continued. “I just focused on that situation. That’s one of them records on my album I call ‘choir rehearsal.’ I know everybody is gonna sing it every time I perform it.” 

Should be interesting. Plus, Goon Affiliated is the first album where Plies is gonna let other rappers get their special guest on. We’re on the hunt for them names first.

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Rick Ross Intro For New DJ Khaled Show

“Time to take it over. Minus all that bakin’ soda.”

A lil’ FLA love this morning. In case you ain’t know, DJ Khaled’s radio partner K Foxx moved to the Rottten Apple to be part of Hot 97’s new morning show with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg. So now with his Takeover program for dolo, Mr. We The Best needed a new theme song so guess who he called. He dialed 911 and boom. Ha!

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Sidebar: Remember when the original “Ten Crack Commandments” was a radio promo Preemo and Jeru The Damaja did for Angie Martinez? You geeks on the Internets need to find that. Y’all slippin’.

Puttin’ on for their city: The 305

Mr. Hudson “Anyone But Him” (Live Session)


Lord knows I’ve steadily clowned this dude and my brother and I have joked a lot about the melody of this tune in particular. But here’s the shock of your life: I’m kinda diggin’ this live session version. That is until Kanye’s replacement comes in and screws it up. Oh well, close but no cigar.

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Puff Introduces Biggie Jr. & Diddy Jr.


RR children week continues. In case you don’t know, Sean love the kids. Hard to hate, when dude occassionally does cool shit like this. Crazy to see the seeds grow. Damn. CJ got a mixtape coming? I can’t deal.