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Nipsey Hussle On Shade 45

Earlier this morning, Neighborhood Nip Hussle got his walk on with Angela Yee on Shade 45. Bullets Aint Got No Name Vol. 3 coming next month.

Part 1: Rolling Through The One Stop Shop and Signing His Deal

{mp3}14 nipsey hussle-angela yee{/mp3} 

Part 2: On Working With Ving Rhames

{mp3}15 nipsey hussle-angela yee 2{/mp3} 

50 Cent’s Caught In The Crossfire


For his new flim, Caught In The Crossfire, Curt & Co. set up shot in Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s hometown. According to Woooha, the flim is executive produced by 50’s Cheetah Vision production company with hopes of selling it through a major studio. Fuck it, make a movie outta ‘em.

YN Meets Drake


The homie Peter Rosenberg’s Hot 97 Who’s Next series was extra packed and star-studded last night with Drake as the headliner. Still and all that didn’t stop YN from bumrushing the backstage area and gettin’ his flip cam on. Hey who could stop me? Dude at the end I didn’t like too tough, we might have to have a nice conversation next time I see him.

Sidebar: The host also accosted Drake and surprise guest, Mr. West.