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Mos Def Ate McDonalds When Obama Got Elected

In this outtake from Clover Hope‘s interview with the Mighty Mos, he admits that he and some famous rap pals were a lil’ hungry on Election Night.

XXL: How do you feel about Obama being in office? Do you feel like he has the potential to change?
Mos Def:
We still gotta see. I mean, I’m glad. In a world where image is everything, in a country where image is everything, it’s nice that the perceived boss looks like people in my family. That’s got very positive effect. Very positive effect. But we’ll see. I’ll watch. I’m watching. I’m just watching.

Where were you when he got elected?

I was in Stockholm with Nas and De La [Soul], we were at work.

You guys were together?
Yeah, it was a weird moment ’cause… it was fresh. We were eating McDonalds. It was like this weird super American moment. We were like in this real swanked out club in Sweden. It was after the show and Nas was there and De La was there. We was hungry and didn’t have no food so we went out to McDonalds and brought it back. Some African people there, they started crying.

Did you cry?
Nah, I was just like, “okay.”

I was balling. I guess nobody knows—you don’t know why you’re crying?
Emotions, yeah yeah yeah. 

This is who you believe in? SMH.

Usher Really Is Gettin’ A Divorce

I hesitated puttin’ this up late last week when it first broke, but it’s official that Usher has filed divorce papers against Tameka-Foster Raymond. The couple were married for less than two years and have two kids. Remember when ole boy wilded out on TRL last year? Well if ya talk about it, be about it. Everyone said it wouldn’t last, and they were right.

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Update: U-S-H-E-R is gonna have to P-A-Y B-I-G

Lil Wayne’s Tour Featuring Young Jeezy Announces Show Dates

No Jay-Z? No problem. It’s official, Weezy will be hittin’ the road with Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy and Drake. It’s called the Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival. The tour starts July 27 at the Toyota Pavilion at Scranton, Pennsylvania, and ends on August 23 in Dallas. After the jump, ck the whole itinerary.

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