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RR Exclusive: Alchemist Interview (The Maguire)

The princess of the Internets a.k.a. Orlando radio DJ Jessie Maguire gave us the audio of her enlightening interview with Alchemist from her born day show. Her recap will serve as your guide.

Alchemist calls in to The Backstage Pass on WPRK 91.5fm in Orlando to wish Jessie a happy birthday. He talks about:

- The status of the new album

- How he wants to stay behind the boards and just produce because he does not take his rapping too seriously

- What up and coming artists he likes right now (Jay Electronica, Fashawn, Nipsey Hussle, and more…)

- How Prodigy is doing and how he visits him frequently “He is working out… he is healthy… his mind is right… FREE P!…He just wants to work!”

- Who is producing on Em’s album and how after listening to Eminem’s Relapse album he felt like he wanted to throw his own album away because of how incredible it was (he says its his best work to date),

- Who he wants to work with (Alicia Keys, holla at Alchemist!)

Link for you and yours.

Drake’s Working Harder Than You
[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891368&w=425&h=350&fv=]
The Yellowest Rapper Alive talks more to the 1515 Boys about his writing process and working with other rappers.
“Me and [Kid] Cudi were talking at the [mtvU] Spring Break, just about so many people asking me ‘When’s that Cudi record coming? You and Cudi?’ Me and Cudi gonna make it work,” Drake promised. “Other than that, I got a song with ‘Ye and Wayne. I got a song: me, Wayne and Jeezy. I got some stuff coming to just keep the people entertained until that album hits the shelves, and hopefully my work on So Far Gone will allow me to at least break into the industry in an impressive way.” However, Drake declined to provide details on his forthcoming collaborations.

Eminem Says Jim Jones Is Dope

In the new issue of Vibe, Marshall certifies Capo’s gangsta:

“Especially within the last year, I feel like I’ve literally been in the Bat cave with Dre for nine months. But I can tell you, T.I.’s album Paper Trail was fuckin’ incredible. I’ve listened to it ever since it came out. That and Exit 13, LL’s new album, I started getting into that. Jim Jones is dope. “

Wow, didn’t see that one coming. Although for year’s I’ve been saying, Harlem: Diary of A Summer

The June/July Vibe drops nationwide May 19th and it’s a great read. Support your local newsstands, cheapo!

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