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YN vs. DJ Drama (Pt.2)

Continuing my convo with Mr. Thanksgiving, we speak on the other delinquent mixtape that Da Snowman promised, Chris Brown, T.I., and how this Philly cat overcame the big bust three years ago. Time flies! Previously: YN vs. DJ Drama (Pt.1)

E-40 Speaks On B.I.G. Incident

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this might be the first time E-40 addressed this in detail. On The All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear, 40 Water spoke on his run-in with Biggie. Back in 1996, B.I.G. disrespected him in a Canadian magazine. When Big made his way to the Bay, 40 allegedly put a hit on him. Once their beef was dissolved, he says was set to appear on Biggie’s Life After Death.