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Swizz Beatz Live At M2

Last Friday, Swizzy graced the stage at M2 Ultralounge in NYC. Swizz runs through some of his notable cuts including “Down Bottom”, “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” and “Money, Cash, Hoes”. Casio keyboards rule. DJexcelmixmaster

New Music: Freddie Gibbs “The Wrong One”

Here’s some new material from Gangsta Gibbs. The track is off his upcoming mixtape, The Labels Tryin To Kill Me and produced by Buckwild. Get familiar below: “If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Freddie, this song will tell you the true story about how he acquired the scar by his eye.  Much love to Buckwild for making this banger and much respect to Beanie Sigel for already blessing this beat and making his own version”. X

Game Remembers Dr. Dre’s “2001”

Today marks 10 years since Dr. Dre released his last album, 2001. To commemorate the date, XXL spoke to Game on Dre’s classic disc. Wait, wasn’t Jayceon in a coma? When Dre put out 2001, man, every single car that drove past the hood was bumpin’ that album and different tracks. Everybody always had they favorite and wanted to argue over what was better or who rocked better but that combination of Mel Man, Dre and Hittman was crazy, man… […]

The Next Wave: 50 Cent (Rolling Stone)

So after several false starts, 50’s new compact disc, Before I Self Destruct hits stores today. It’s actually bittersweet. Fif has gone on the record and said this is would be his final recording on Interscope Records before releasing a greatest hits compilation. So if this is indeed Curt’s last hurrah, let’s take ’em back.  Above is an article I saved from a summer 2002 issue of Rolling Stone. That’s right, I’ve been rocking with the kid 50 Cent since […]