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Eve Responds To Corruption Allegations

ABC reports that Eve’s former beau Teodorin Nguema Obiang, son of Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, is being accused of money laundering. In a U.S. Senate investigation report, Eve is mentioned for having her company “Sweet Pink Inc.” set up through illicit funds. Today, the rapper fired back at the allegations via her Twitter account. Sidebar: Lil reggae makes everything alright.

Nipsey Hussle On “We Are The World” Remake

Peep, the Nip slip in the back? Ha! Anyway, Mr. All Money In, No Money Out spoke with XXL about his appearance on the “We Are The World” remake and gave details on the rap portion of the track. …But as far as the rapping, LL did the original lead vocal for the rap. Everybody rapped the same verse, we stacked our vocals and then after, LL, went in, then Jamie Foxx, Snoop, myself. And what it was, after […]

The Just Blaze Collection

In honor of Justin’s closing of Baseline Studios, one of my favorite fellow scribes, Sean Fennessey is sharing his extensive collection of Megatron Don produced gems and an interview he conducted back in 2006 with the man himself for VIBE magazine. These true treats for real rap fans can be found on his blog, Split Infinitives. UPDATE: Might be a lil’ too late to download.