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Cam’Ron Gets A “Lil’ Confused”


Killa Cam sat down with JD Anderson of the.LIFE Files and touched on an arrange of topics from Rihanna-gate to not voting in last year’s election. He also talked about his relationship with estranged Dipset members Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.

On Jim Jones

JD Anderson: I read you had a phone call with Jim and now he

New Doom “Batty Boyz”
MF Doom

“It’s like a leotard fest.”

I knew this guy when he was Zev Love X, I’m so confused. I listened to this twice and I still don’t know what’s goin’ on. All superheroes are gay? Anyway Robbie sent this over so here ya go. Analyze this!

Doom “Batty Boyz”

{mp3}doom-batty boyz{/mp3}

Props: UnKut

Green Lantern Presents Ghostface X Doom “Chinatown Wars”
Ghostface Doom

There’s no crying in baseball and no sleeping in hip-hop. But hey I’m still learning the Internets. I’m a work in progress! Ha! Anyways, Nah Right’s Dre explains what went down this morning. I hear this is a treat from the new Grand Theft Auto video game. I ain’t touched a joystick since NBA Live had the proper camera angles. Two versions of the same song here and I prefer the one after the jump. Remix baby!

Ghostface & Doom “Chinatown Wars”

{mp3}ctw theme_original intro edit_dirty{/mp3}