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Yo Gotti: The Chitlin Circuit

For many rappers below the Mason Dixon, performing in lesser-known cities is their bread and butter. In the final clip, The Pyrex King speaks on packing venues throughout the South. Everybody knows that every Yo Gotti show’s sold out. Yo Gotti: Most Known Unknown | Yo Gotti: What’s In A Name?

Chris Brown Pines For Rihanna Over Twitter

So yesterday, Fuck Boy Brown was feelin’ a lil’ lonely so he tweeted this: The link was to this video: Then Maurice got even more sappy: Then when the folks online reminded him that maybe he shouldn’t have beat Ri-Ri’s ass if he wanted to be with her, Brown removed those two tweets and put this up: Ha! Can’t stand the heat then stay off Twitter. “Too bad you fucked up dummy.” © Tony Starks Props: The other Radar

Yo Gotti: What’s In A Name?

Known as the Pyrex King and his Cocaine Muzik mixtape series, Gotti’s monikers are rooted in the drug game. But the streets are a short stop and Gotti’s aiming for the top. Here speaks on his aliases being embraced within the mainstream.