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New Music: Kid Cudi Ft. Kanye West x Common “Poker Face”

Straight from DJ Enuff’s turntables is a new cut from Kid Cudi called “Poker Face.” Get it? Poke-Her-Face ha! Please excuse the less than CDQ, YN went home with a runny nose.

“Poker Face”


YN Update: I’m not gaga. Sorry Pat!

You try finding an embeddable Lady Gaga video. Smh. Vimeo FTW!


My Maino Prediction: OnSmash gets CDQ first.

RR Exclusive: Jay-Z “Renegade” (Unplugged)
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“Che Guevara with bling on/ I’m complex… (Like Dok Noh) Ha!”
I can tell you how I got this but I’d have to kill ya. Ha! Enjoy!
Sidebar: As close as I can get to an Eminem exclusive. Smh.
Jadakiss Documentary Blues
OK, I keep watchin’ these Jadakiss vids and keep waitin’ for my pretty grill to pop up. But, no dice. Was I not nice enough? Didn’t kiss the ass of the Kiss My Ass man enough during my interview? Contrary to popular belief, I need to work on my celebrity jock game. I know. This post is one long pause. Sorry, Charlie.