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Black Star Reunion Show: “Definition” x “RE: DEFinition”


Although my back hurts and these niggas didn’t go on til 1:45 am, YN really enjoyed the show last night. Mos Def and Talib Kweli were in top form with Black Star album tracks, freestyles over classic breaks, and their biggest solo joints. And yes I shot the whole fuckin’ thing. Mucho footage on the way.

Jay-Z x UGK “Big Pimpin'” Live (BET)


Remember that 106 and Jay episode BET did awhile back? They fucked up and aired the same 45 minute segment—twice! Ha! Anyways, that’s the only time I recall Jay performin’ “Big Pimpin'” with both members of UGK. Bun B can prolly correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just the only time that we have footage of it. Enjoy. R.I.P., The Pimp.

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