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Bangladesh Says He’s Better Than The Rest

Things are heating up on VIBE‘s greatest producer of all time bracket. Bangladesh says that within the “Mass Appeal” category, his beats reign supreme. “I’m not disrespecting them because I was influenced by Timbaland and Neptunes and all of them, but your time came and went. There’s time for other things to happen…A lot of them producers, some have a sound and some don’t. I think Polow kinda does whatever, he doesn’t have a certain sound, he emulates other peoples […]

Diddy & Mark Wahlberg Go Racing

Hollywood Boulevard was shutdown yesterday as part of the Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach. Before the race kicks off this weekend, Puff and Marky Mark showed off their new set of wheels to Jimmy Kimmel. The pair are partners in a new beverage company called, AquaHydrate. Rap Up

Rick Ross On Losing Lawsuit To DJ Vlad

[vodpod id=Video.3438149&w=425&h=350&] Yesterday afternoon, DJ Vlad was awarded $300,000 after Rick Ross set up an assault at the Ozone Awards in August 2008. Following the verdict, Ross placed a phone call to 1515 and spoke on the loss.

Pill Interview & Freestyle

DJ Infamous returns with another interview and catches up with Mr. P-I-Double. He says his new mixtape 4011: The Overdose should be dropping next month and puts in a request to have Scarface and Andre 3000 featured on his debut album The Medicine. Afterward, he kicks a lil’ sumfin, sumfin for the camera. EV

Jay-Z Returns To Saturday Night Live

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3928606&w=425&h=350&fv=] On May 8th, Jay-Z will join Betty White as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. No word as to what Jigga will perform, but the taping marks the first time the 88-year-old actress has hosted the sketch comedy program. Above is one of Hov’s memorable skits from 10 years ago. MTV

T.I. Compares New LP To All Eyez On Me

T.I. discussed his new album King Uncaged with Rolling Stone and said the project will be as significant as 2pac’s double masterpiece. In terms of content, don’t expect T.I.P. to brag about packing heat. “Some songs talk about my time in prison — how I was affected by that, the way I’ve grown from that, things I see now that I may have not seen then. Sometimes I talk about love, some songs I talk about life, some songs I talk […]