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New Music: Young Dro “Dro Rock Diamonds”

“We got Big on the hook.”

Just when you thought screwed and chopped hooks were a thing of the best, here comes Fantasia’s ex with some Southern smoke. Ha! Young Dro drops a lil’ street heat to keep Grand Hustle hot before the impending doom of his CEO going to the clink. Do you really think these guys are gonna accomplish much with Cliff gone? Wish I wasn’t so skeptical.

{mp3}01 dro rock diamonds{/mp3}

Props: Gotty

New Music: Rich Boy “It’s Over”
rich boy

“I’m grindin’ hard, I almost got my Black card.”

Rich Boy is to eskay as Boosie is to B.Dot. Ha! Here’s a new one from Alabama’s finest. Like most of Boy’s best stuff the hook is infectious. I really hope Interscope gives him another look. Fingers crossed.

{mp3}01 its over dirty –{/mp3}

Sidebar: I think I hear a lil Auto-Tune in the mix at the 2:50 mark or so. Uh oh, Mark Jackson says, “You’re better than that!”

Props: NR via EKEK

Wendy Williams Neuters Bow Wow

Ok, so here’s the skinny. Bow Weezy’s in town promoting his new coaster album, New Jack City II and was scheduled to visit Wendy Williams. Instead, he cancels last minute and appears on Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97. Safe to say Wendy wasn’t pleased.

“Take him to Angie if you want. Blow this show off if you want. Something is about to happen if you didn’t get the memo. Wait til you see how I act…With all his accolades and what not, it’s more interesting talking to a whore.”

Whoa. Was that directed towards Shad or Nokio’s baby mother? *scratches head* Yo DJ, play that back!

{mp3}wendy williams-bow wow{/mp3} 

Props: Ms. Rose