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Tahiry Cries Discussing Joe Budden

Breaking up is hard to do. So when Complex gave Joe Budden’s ex a shoulder, she cried on it—literally. What were some of your fondest memories with him? I know five years is a long time… Tahiry: Yeah, it is tough…[breathes] you know, again, it’s the little things that guys fail to realize. Five years is a long time so it’s just the little things…You’re going make me cry and I have makeup on. My first surprise birthday party he gave […]

New Music: Young Jeezy “I Got This”

“On the Interstate with that Justin Timberlake.” New Snowman off TM103. This day is startin’ to pick up. Ha! He told MTV awhile back: “I got a joint called ‘I Got This,’ ” he said about the new album. “Then there’s ‘Suicide Music.’ I don’t wanna give it all up, because you’ll probably figure out where I’m going. The list goes on. To me, I know [artists] say, ‘This is going to be my best work.’ This is going to […]

Method Man Arrested For Tax Evasion

According to ABC, The Panty Raider was arrested this morning for tax evasion. Reports state Meth hasn’t filed in four years and owes Uncle Sam $32,799. He will be arraigned later today at Stapleton Criminal Court. If found guilty, he faces four years behind bars. Can someone pass the C.R.E.A.M., please?