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DJ Premier On The Making Of “Just To Get A Rep”

During All-Star last weekend, Examiner caught up with DJ Premier. With this year marking the 20th year anniversary of “Just To Get A Rep”, the producer discusses how the song came into fruition. Go back and talk about “Just To Get A Rep” and how you made that beat. DJ Premier: We made that record based on that fact that Guru and I had just got our record deal for Step In The Arena on EMI and Chrysalis Records. We both […]

Raekwon Explains Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

Be clear: Wu Massacre is an appetizer to keep the W flag wavin’ high, but the Chef’s hard at work on his next main course. In a sitdown with EW, Shallah explains his upcoming solo LP’s musical direction. What’s Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang? Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang is another album that I promised the fans a long time ago. It’s not nothing derogatory towards Wu. It’s just that Shaolin [i.e., Staten Island] is the place, Wu-Tang is the crew that came from […]