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Rap Radar x dead prez Giveaway

Alright kids, I’ve got five tickets to see dead prez this Sunday at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. The first five souls to send an email to [email protected] with the subject: DP TIX will win. Please include your full name (No alias’!) and phone number. Cool? Now, give me a hell yeah!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to the winners.

Rap Radar: 100 Days Later

Ha! I think the Jigga Man would disagree. This was lifted from Gawker and published two weeks before Rap Radar launched on March 9th. That’s right, y’all  today marks 100 days since the Double R set up shot. Take that Barack!

From the very beginning, we were destined to fail. But you know what they say, with success breeds envy. Hell, whether you agreed or disagree with Vibes list, from day uno, RR made headlines with Lil’ Kim and B.I.G.’s paranormal relationship, T.I. fronting on ghostwriting for Dr. Dre, and The Dream defending his main squeeze. Not a bad introduction into the game I’d say.

But in all honesty, no matter how many stories or songs we break, our success isn’t confined within the walls of the Rap Radar mansion. Take a look to the right of your screen and scroll down the list of sites we barter content from daily. Without them, we wouldn’t be squat. Special shouts to Eskay and Miss Info fast…and even Bol‘s bum ass. Hate it or love, the underdogs on top. Be clear, this is not a victory lap. We’ve still got plenty of work ahead. Rap Radar is where YN lives. Hip-Hop’s got a bigger house on the top of the hills. Let’s get it!