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Beyonce Misses Lauryn Hill

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While doing a press junket for Obsessed, B breaks down the sad state of female rap. Apparently, ain’t no Nicki Minaj in her iPod.

“Female MC’s, it’s really unfortunate because there aren’t any right now. I mean there are a few that are really great. But we need Lauryn Hill! I think you know it’s gonna happen and we just have to be patient. I’m sure right now whoever the next female MC is young and hungry and focusing. We just have to be patient, I guess.”

*Crystal’s gonna messenger off a Miss Rap Supreme DVD Box Set to Tribeca* Ha!

Props: BET-watchin’ Yardie.

Maino Explains On Stage Breakdown
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Maino phones in with the 1515 Boys about his on stage meltdown last Saturday in Long Island. Apparently, the jakes shot and paralyzed his homie, “80”.
“I just had a lot on my mind. I had a lot of stuff I was holding in and wasn’t letting out.

When I got there, it was overwhelming. The part that was overwhelming

was that it was so much love. I started thinking about where I’ve been

in my life and how hard it was for me to get here — it’s like a

miracle. I started getting a little emotional, about not just that, but

my homie, my brother, who is a very important part in my life not just

in my career. I can’t really say too much about the situation because it’s dealing with

an ongoing investigation,” he explained. “I’ve been advised that I

really couldn’t get into the specifics of the case, you feel me? But

the fact of the matter is: The police shot him and it’s definitely

unjustified, but that will all come out later on.”