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Drake Live From Atlanta Stream

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If this wasn’t exciting enough, Drakemania live from the ATL, shawty. And you thought there wasn’t enough goin’ on tonight? Hey Parisien Gangster. Good Job!

A Day In The Life of Busta Rhymes


“You heard Miss Jones talkin’ about my egg game.” 

Check out Bussa-Bus makin’ himself breakfest, breakin down his BK roots, and grabbin’ some dinner at trendy music industry hotspot, Philippe Chow. Chicken satay? A wonderful way to end your day.

Courtesy: Curtis

RR Exclusive: Rick Ross Announces MTV’s Mixtape Daily

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Monday’s? All day. Everyday. makes every hip-hop head’s favorite feature, Mixtape Monday into a daily operation starting May 4. Peace to Shaheem Reid and Rahman Dukes who consistently tag team the streets for the love of hip-hop. Viacom needs to upgrade them dudes pay scales or one day, YN will. Ha!

I’m a big talker and I always back it up. You do the history to that.

RR Exclusive: Cam’Ron “Cookin’ Up” Video

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“And I’m sorta courageous/ Plus the kid’s smart/ Forget Biz Mark/ He gonna catch more than the Vapors.”

You saw the preview awhile back, here’s the final version of “Cookin’ Up” video. Oh, you ain’t know? It’s Killa Season, squally!