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Shyne Due In Court Tomorrow, Lookin’ At Oct 6th Release Date

Wow, can’t believe my dude might soon actually be able to touch the town. According to HipHopDX, who spoke to Shyne’s lawyer, he’ll be a free man in a couple of months. He’s due in court tomorrow at a parole hearing to determine whether there will be any restrictions that may hinder him from reestablishing his recording career. Good luck, Po!

Sidebar: I was so tight when this cover came out. Ha!

Ciara’s Bad Haircut A Lie!

Oh shit, Ci-Ci’s stylist blows up her spot. Much ado about nothing. There was no haircut. It’s a wig, y’all.

Ciara’s known for having amazingly long, voluminous hair. This is a big change for her.
Yeah, of course it’s partially extensions, but her hair is long anyway. She’s in LA for the Summer and wanted something lighter, something different.

Her new style is a hair piece, right?
Yes, it’s a hair piece. She still has really long hair—this look is just for the Summer.

How did you come up with it?
Ciara has such a little, petite, cute face, and she told me that she wanted to go short. She wanted to do the Halle Berry, but I thought “We need a little sexy, we need a little swagger in front, so let’s just give it a little bit of lift.” But I didn’t want it to look like Rihanna’s cut, either.

Wow at least those other chicks actually shaved at least some parts of their head. You can’t trust anyone nowadays. Smh.

Props: New York Mag via Bella Sugar

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Lil Wayne Presents His Young Money All-Stars (Live at Jones Beach)


Pop Quiz: Can you name all the members of Weezy’s crew? Don’t fret. Only a few can. But no worries, YN is here to provide a service. Y’all ain’t ready for all this and for a taste of Minaj at the end, you need to click on that lower left link. Drake’s down. The soldiers must march on.

Bonus: KC backstage with her peoples. 

Chris Brown Performs “Every Girl In The World”


Prior to his moonwalk, Chris played Spliff Starr to Young Money as they performed “Every Girl In The World” last night in Virginia. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time Chris rocked a crowd since the, um, “incident” last February. But give the guy a break YN. Even Ghostface admitted to goin’ up side his wiz’s head once. Hell, you even own a couple Ike Turner records. I got dirt on you doggie! I thought you light skinned negroes stuck together. Where’s the unity?!