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The Secret Of Method Man’s Success

For the nice price of $44.95, Tical will be your teacher. That’s right, Professor Mef will be a special instructor at NY’s Learning Annex on Jan 28. It’s a one-time only event where Mr. Smith will answer your questions on how he made it to the top. Sign up, Wu stans. Spotted: Sophie

New Mixtape: DJ Soul x RR: “No Idea’s Original”

Artwork: Denis from Mighty Healthy. I can’t believe this is finally done. Ha. Here’s the homie DJ Soul‘s 70 minute-plus mastermix of the biggest samples of the past year and change. There’s something here for me, you and your ladyfriend too. It’s pretty fuckin’ funky if I do say so myself. Shit, I am the co-executive producer, I can stunt if I want to! Download here.

Lil Wayne Live In Mississippi

Young Money took over the Desoto Civic Center last night in Mississippi for Weezy’s Farewell Tour. In attendance were his Young Money faction (including Drake), Sean Garrett, and Jay Electronica. The gig was Wayne’s final show before heading to the bing next month. Heads Up: ATF x KC

Wale Downplays Go-Go Beef

Word on the curb is that D.C. Go-Go bands TCB and Backyard are boycotting Wale’s “Ice Cream Girl” and “Pretty Girls” respectively. Allegedly, Backyard is upset about being excluded in Wale’s upcoming video. Meanwhile, TCB are supposedly disgruntled about not receiving credit for “Ice Cream Girl”. Earlier, wale turned to his trusty Twitter account to address the madness. YBF