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For the next 90 minutes, Bey shares some of her most private moments in her self-directed HBO documentary including rare footage from her rehearsals to her personal life. We see you Blue Ivy. After the jump, Bey sat one-on-one with Oprah on Next Chapter. She discusses her Super Bowl show, motherhood, Jay-Z, relationship with her father, the HBO documentary and more.

Beyoncé Covers Vogue

It’s no doubt that Queen Bey runs the world and she strikes a pose on the March issue of Vogue. In the cover story, she speaks on the family life, motherhood and her upcoming HBO documentary. A couple of weeks after the Super Bowl madness, Beyoncé will admit the public—or at least the HBO-buying members of the public—into her world in a manner she’s never done before, through Life Is But a Dream. “My story has never been told—no one really knows […]

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