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DJ Drama Calls YN On EVR

Before bringing the world Meek Mill’s “Amen“, DJ Drama also reached out to Mr. Wilson’s Internet radio program. The two Yellow dudes spoke on the resurgence of the mixtape market, Jadakiss’ Consigment, 50’s upcoming Gangsta Grillz, Meek’s DC2, and Dram’s Quality Street Music tunes like “We In This Bitch“. Pay attention! Peep playlist and show here.

DJ Drama On Working With 50 Cent

Now that we are finally getting that 50 Cent/Gangsta Grillz mixtape, The Lost Tape soon, DJ Drama spoke to The Boombox on how the idea came about. “We ran into each other at my party out there. I think I said a joke to him real quick about [doing a Gangsta Grillz tape], like, ‘You playing…,’ because a while ago we were supposed to be doing a G-Unit tape that never happened and we’ve been discussing some things. I was with his […]

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