• whipp


  • S7

    So underrated.
    Banks is definitely top 5.

  • Hip Pop Is Alive!

    Here’s acronym Lloyd. F.Y.S. (Fuck Yo Shit)

    • Hip Pop Is Alive!

      Typo – Here’s an acronym.

  • SP

    Dope Shit.. but can somebody pls tell this nigg to promote the shit. videos, interviews ect… smh

    • jordan

      thats what everyone does this days. he has his own lane. he is giving you all the free music and u want him to make a video to satisfy you more? his fans will always hear his music and who ever wont its their own fault. people sleep on banks man

      • taeg90

        even tho i agree with you Jordan he still has to get out there and promote himself…thats just the way it is in these times.

      • Ravi

        It’s not that SP wants him to make videos to satisfy him. He wants Banks to make videos to make himself bigger. Seems Like Banks is always happy with just dropping music and that’s it. If that’s what banks really wants then it’s cool but if he wants to have a bigger impact he needs to follow up with something right after he drops the tape.

        • jordan

          ok lets be serious here. me and u are fans and he is an artist for over 10 years thats been through no internet days and this days now only way to be relevant is to be on social media. if he was uncomfortable or if he wanted to be more famous or w.e he could have added features from like all the hot artist and all types of stuff but he remains the same way he started. only close circle and lyrical . hes motto was mob from the start and being real and he kept it real since he came out from 134 all stars til now. thats in my eyes. theres only few artists that have talent like banks to stay relevant for over 10 years. he improves every year unlike eminem. dont get me wrong eminem is crazy talented as well but recovery album and relapse and even this mmlp2 is little bit disappointing because we have such a big expectation to his earlier carrier. banks in other hand improves or at least gives very good quality stuff out almost album material for free! nobody does that especially this days.

  • Kevin Lanning

    not a dull track, picking up from cold corner 2 – banks going in.

  • Epul

    Lol where is this nigga album… He honestly got lucky with Beamer Benz or Bentley

  • LOL

    this nigga needs to really stay consistent, dude is lyrically blessed but his personality is like a Potato. he could of been on Nas & Jay-Z’s level of lyrically but he doesn’t promote himself. he also should leave G-Unit & sign with another major.

    • drazen101

      i’m pretty sure he’s independent at this point. he left g-unit records and signed with emi (i think it was emi) when hunger for more 2 was coming out, and either he’s still there, or he’s on his own. but he stays active, if you follow his twitter he randomly pops up in europe doing shows.

      • LOL

        nah i think he’s still obligated to G-Unit, 50 Cent ain’t gonna let him leave that easy. they just not on speaking terms anymore. either way he’s still the best member in the Unit.

        • Kevin Lanning

          50 still gets a piece but he is independent. 49k HFM2 first week not too shabby indie. B,B or Bentley went gold too.

  • Ty Nitty

    track 11 produced by me!

    • I Produce Passion

      Ill track homie

      • Ty Nitty

        thanks…much appreciated

    • taeg90

      yeah the essence of this track give me that 90s feeling. lloyd ran this shit too!!

    • Dope!

  • CanYouAllHearMe


    • taeg90

      rather its good or bad criticism, this dude Elliot gonna be eating. the way to show how you really feel is to just not be an addition to how much traffic he receives…don’t visit the website

  • Observer

    @SP — Preeeeeeaaaaaach

    If only he could exert a little effort…

    He needs the sort of support/drive/backing that Ye gave Pusha T. IMO he could have much more mainstream appeal than Pusha has (and he’s not pushing 40 like Pusha is). And no knock on Pusha his project was incredible and he’s reaping the benefits right now

  • darriu

    The King of NY has returned!!!

  • jordan

    best mixtape out this year period. shits like an album!!!

  • GreenBergs

    banks fno > eminem’s mmlp 2

  • ualreadykno

    thank God Banks got a new engineer this sound like effort and quality | now for the promo aint no reason niggas aint no this was coming out 2 months ago | this is easily one of the best shit out this year but a still go unnoticed

    • Ghost

      Jay Bombaye always been his engineer

  • brollya

    dis mixtape is a album for real…. shit go in lik that nipsey hussle… everybody all hipped to that officer, bling bling, tight pant shit but wen some real shit come out, niggaz dont support and it fade away

  • Del

    this shit fire, hope niggaz actually listen to this

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im glad Banks is getting alot of props from the new mixtape. Banks is a talented MC.

  • lucky sleven

    he needs to release this mixtape in 320 kbs, don’t kick like it should. besides that nice sound, unique beats and good lyrics. #plk

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    why does elliott still have meek mill as no 1 mixtape smh this site keeps getting worse with the dickriding

  • Mr_Beans_o_o

    Dope tape. Banks spitting some real shit on here.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Lloyd Bankrupt lol. Fuck this bum. 50 still got his hand up banks ass controlling his spine. 50 waiting for this fag to get outta line so he can shit down his throat. Remember when you were talking shit about Game Bankrupt. Game’s still relevant it takes you five years to get some promo for your mixtape. FOH Pussy your career is over.

    • jordan

      lol u mad that banks is way better than the game in any way. game crys for attention and does everything to get attention from everyone. last year he wanted to be reunited with g0unit because he didnt know what else to do because he was so irrelevant. these days music lables are looking for people that dont want to be signed so they can sign them because independency is the new thing. game is big rapper and to be independent is a good thing for him but guess what he cant handle it. he doesnt know how to. he is a name dropping ass rapper and signes to young money so he can afford features from lil wayne drake and nicki minaj coz thats the only way he can stay relevant. smh

  • taeg90

    goddamn Bank$…you aint have to kill em like dat, but then again F.N.O. Great Body of work & set off to the new series!!

  • FOLK103


  • Intl

    Love it. Can’t deny that this is real quality shit. Can’t believe he just dropping it like randomly. Needs promotion.