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?uestlove Gives Jay Electronica LP Update

Some would say, Jay Electronica’s album never coming out. And you know what, they’re probably right. But during ?uestlove’s interview on The Champs podcast, he said Jay-Z is in possession of Elect’s album and listens to it constantly. Only, well, the biggest problem is, that there isn’t any singles. heads up: flylib

Jay Electronica Says Album’s Done

It might be hard to believe, but earlier today Jay Elect turned to this Twitter account to reveal that his debut album is complete. In fact, some of his peers have already heard the project. Can we get next? Sometimes im Jay Electronica. sometimes im Jay Electronigga. i wanna let yall hear this one record from Act II: Patents Of Nobility (the turn) called “Road To Perdition” feat. Mr. Carter so bad. Album soon come. Ask Bun B, he heard the album […]

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