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Swizz On Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail

Swizz Beatz recently visited the VIBE‘s HQ to speak on his involvement on Hov’s upcoming album. He also spoke on the marketing scheme through Samsung and Billboard excluding it’s first million sales. He was being innovative. Some people—they can’t relate to innovation. It’s his album [so] he can do what he wants to do. He’s earned the rights to do whatever he wants to do. He’s put enough time into this game with Billboard and any other outlet. He’s his own […]

Rick Ross Meets With Reebok CEO

Swizzy lit up his Instagram account earlier with a photo of himself and Rozay alongside Reebok CEO, Uli Becker. Before the photo op, Footwear News tweeted the following quote from Becker: “It’s unfortunate because he’s a great guy, he just has stupid advisors around him.” eskay

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