Cigar Talk: @NajiChill x @TheRealSwizzz

Written By: @ December 13, 2017 @ 1:29 PM EDT

Show Time!

I had the pleasure of sitting with a certified legend and staple within our culture; Swizz Beatz. This special episode of #CigarTalk was broadcasted in Miami, at Swizz’ No Commission Exhibit and is sponsored by Bacardi. Art Basel weekend was full of festivities and it was only right to sit with the monster himself.

In this episode there was so much to speak on. Swizz gives an update on the super producer battle between himself & Timbaland. He also goes in depth about how the battle with Just Blaze came to be. We speak on his time at Harvard University and graduating from the business program. There are so many gems to be captured in this episode. Sit back back, grab a cigar, & catch the vibe.




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  • el jim chapo guzman

    Timberland beats gets you a Grammy, Swizz beats gets you a MTV Award´╗┐.

  • ade doyin

    Man !they always come with this stupid advice when you ask them how can i get in the game they tell you otherwise lol listen i’m from westside Africa Nigeria, to get in the game, you gotta dig deep into yourself. find what you love, perfect your craft, improve on your craft by doing lots of researches on the net, join forums, watch what other people’s craft and add that to what you do, get on youtube learn from other people also, Now that’s part 1. part 2 is please please please learn how to monetize your craft learn the business side of your craft like mad that’s what they don’t tell you because they want to be the boss and collect money off your hard work . Associate yourself with white folks and learn this business side of things. . Thats what Dame Dash did even swizz by going to harvard and stuff . do not get caught up with the passion of your art. spend endless time learning the business of it like copyright publishing, brand synchronization all sorts . shout out to swizz by the way for shouting out Nigeria though we still brothers even though we live in different continent still, hence i’m giving my 2 cents here good luck guys that’s the type of advice i like to hear…