Michael Jackson Sticks His Key In The Ignition

Here’s footage of MJ and movie director, Brett Ratner rocking out to R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix).” Look’s they’re having some fun-fun. Ha!

Give Credit: Please Dont Stare

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  • dani

    why didn’t this come out before he died so i can laugh without thinking about death?

    it’s still funny though.. lol.

  • Aura

    lol it looks like he’s doing the same dance that Dave Chappelle did on his show

  • GangStarrGirl

    Hilarious! Aw man, at least he had fun.

  • Pleasedontstare

    Wow this is the number one post today? Lol big shouts to my girl Ms. Thomas who started this whole chain of Events. Hilarious.

  • Nickel

    Hahaha, That Shit Is Ironic

  • Singlemom

    This is how I will remember Michael Jackson. People just didn’t get that he was a big kid, not a pervert or predator. He just wanted to have fun and he deserved it he worked harder than anyone in the world, LITERALLY.

  • dra

    the mofo Greatist to ever done it.. MUsis is for lifeeeeeee

    Be easyyy kkeep it real