Rihanna Breaks Her Silence On Thursday

Next Thursday, Rihanna will give her first post Chris Brown interview with Good Morning America. The following night, 20/20. Get your DVR’s ready—or just check back with us.

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  • Lil Mama

    I know the feeling of abuse. After I crashed Jay’s VMA appearance, he beat the shit out of me back stage.

  • Jay-Z

    You Deserved it ^

  • Sorry to hear that lil mama. I heard Ty Ty locked u in the trunk of a Maybach too…..
    Anyway, they should ask Rihanna the “Illuminati” question thats been swarming around. Thats what I wanna know

  • Dark NYte

    Just in time for her album to drop. a coincidence? HAH !

    good marketing.

  • Chris Brown

    She better not snitch
    or i will do it again

  • Joe Blow

    this show push her over a milli in record sales. :up:

  • The Police

    ^ Chirs Your Going to Jail.

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