New Mixtape: Chris Brown x Tyga Fan Of A Fan

Not so much of a fan of these two, but they sure do admire each other’s work. Download their mixtape here. The tracklist on the other side.


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  • STOP IT 5!!!!

    TYGA? WHO? C’mon Breezyy you can do better

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  • young hov

    BREEZY? WHO? C’mon Tyga, you can do better

  • young

    Tyga > Chris brown

  • will

    tyga might not sell alot fo records but he influences alot of the style in the game he was the 1st to wear them tight jeans in a video and he was the first to wear them snapbaccs in them videos Tyga is bigger than Chris right now

  • Gabriel

    Tyga is bigger than Chris right now…which isn’t that big! none of these guys are even relevant right now.

  • pissed

    Tyga stepped his game up big time after that Coconut Juice bullshit…he needs to stop fukkin with No Money & do more stuff like this…he could easily hold his own without them.

  • tony

    nevertheless the mixtape is hott, something to cruise too in the summer

  • EtienndeParis

    Stop the hate. The music Goes Hard. Im not even a fan.

  • Kayo

    Are yall serious?!? Im not a fan of neither but in no way is Tyga bigger than Chris. Chris just headlined that benifit concert in VA and did his thing. Chris is about to go on his international tour this week and all shows sold out. That’s some biased shit to say for real. I dont hear no award show asking Tyga to perform none. The only reason Chris doing these mixtapes was to probably gain those fans back that he lost when he dropped Graffiti. Not a fan of these two but dont descredit the lil homie Chris he doin his thing right now

  • wtf chris brown and tyga is a hot ass calbo i luv the music dam this shit is hot it wud boost both of there careers up a whole lot

  • karjiana

    i love chris brown on tis
    it sounds like da old him b4 tht bitch …i just hope he sticks to his singin and doesnt go to rappin for to long time
    Tyga & Chris Brown did it on tis mixtape

  • karjiana

    i agree wit Kayo
    and fuck you young hov.Chris Brown is one of the most talented performers of our generation..tyga is just another rapper from Young Money who’ll probably fade along with Lil Wayne..not tht i hate tyga

  • Nope

    This was not hard and all that nonsense…a bunch of cussin, talking about cars, hos and cash, blah blah blah…been done over and over again.

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