Bun B To Teach Course At Rice University

Bun B paid a visit to the XXL office this afternoon and revealed that next Spring, he plans on teaching a Hip-Hop and Religion course at Rice University in Houston, TX. No demo’s allowed! Trill O.G. drops August 3.

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  • Word

    TI, Jim Jones, and now Bun B? What’s with everybody teaching now? Lol guess moneys tight these days with low record sales and what not.

  • Uptown Hip Hop Head

    good for Bun B 9th wonder is a professor at duke and NCCU and i heard alot of people like his class so many people will like his class as well

  • Dolla

    Bun biszzzxsfkw

  • Cudder

    If anyone should be teaching classes it should be Tabi Bonney.

  • Ben

    Whats with all these rappers teaching classes? I miss Pimp C.

  • gwalla


    why shouldnt they teach? its a good thing for rappers to put down the mic and get to these kids another way. teaching isnt a bad thing at all. there are some rappers that have some knowledge that they want to distribute. if money is low, then let them teach.

  • Mrric

    Lmaooooo “Tabi Bonney” GTFHO who gives a fuck about that nigga RIP PIMP C I want him to
    teach a class

  • Word


    Yeah that makes sense and all, but I expect rappers to rap and thats pretty much it. And if they do think about doing something else, teaching is the last thing id expect them to do. Its a good look though wont deny that

  • mac DIESEL




  • Cudder


    He got a Masters in Biology and an undergrad in biology pre-med
    What are you sayin? Your ignorance is amazing

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  • JB

    GRRR….He would teach a class there the year after I graduate! I’m sure the class will be AMAZING!

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  • gwalla

    @ word

    those kids in those classes can have an up close and personal experience with how the music industry is turning to be. its a good look for the artists but now the kids who want to be like them can probably ask the artists how hard the industry is. steer alot of the wack rappers away from the shit and pursue other ventures the world has to offer.

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