New Video: Styles P x Bartendaz “Barbara”

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It’s just another day in the park as Styles puts some visuals behind his Warren G.-produced track. Get your swing on if you think you can hang.

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  • for real for real, on some intellectual shit, what do yall think it’s going to take for an artist like Styles P to make it in the industry or do yall think he’s going to be on the underground for good? i know he used to be on the radio before , but that was then and this is now.

  • KIng JuggaNott

    @ S.H. a miracle.

  • @king

    LMAO, it just that them LOX cats is damn near legendary but i dont see them taking over the game anymore. HOt features here and there, and thats it. SMH. I really respect these dudes too.

  • KIng JuggaNott

    @ S.H. on a serious note…I believe that he needs to make a solid body of work. He just seems like he fell into the modern way of making music. Right now…Albums sound like Mixtapes and Mixtapes sound like Demos or guys just starting off.

    He is from that Biggie tree…that Bad Boy Tree and he’s not taking the lessons that he learned from Big or Puff. Puff even forgot. The thing that Made ALLLLL of the music classic. From Ready to Die…Chronic…All Eyes on me….Reasonable Doubt and shit like that. Was that THOSE were solid albums that were made like MOVIE SCORES. From the start to the finish it was put together to match. NOW you have guys just looking for features. It’s no more 36 Chambers and shit with ONE producer on the boards really giving the album a SOUND.

    Yes it’s hip hop..but at the end of the day it’s still music that has to stand the test of time. Greats like Stevie Wonder (If you know music) you can listen to each album and hear what equipment he used and the vibe of the entire album. It all fit. Kinda like what KANYE does. Kanye is the only cat I hear right now making music like that.
    Oh well….that’s just how I see the shit. How that relates to Styles is he’s going to have to sit and choose. Make a solid effort and pour his character into a project. Right now…we know the nigga but you don’t feel like you know the nigga.

    Kanye…you feel like you know his ass. Jay-Z you know his ass….Lil Wayne…he grew up in front of us. All you know about Styles is that he likes to hug the block…tote bangers and he doesnt like to do time. Other than that… character. Character sells.

  • JBiggs

    I agree with yall, except for the last part that King JuggaNott said, because his entire first album was based on a concept of the duality between his “gangster” side and his “gentleman” side. Styles has always had a more “conscious” style than Jadakiss or Sheek, but in the last 3 years he hasn’t really sat down to do an album. I think since he actually had the discipline to write an entire book, he has the discipline to sit down and come up with an album based on a specific concept. I mean, the homie don’t even write his rhymes on paper! He’s got the skills to do it, it just takes initiative and some damn good producers. With the internet and all this other shit nowadays, he can definitely find good beats for a decent price. He can just do shows and a few of his mixtape songs that popped off and that’ll keep money coming in while he does his album.

    Besides, the homie did the guest verse on “BMF” and that shit gets the club and the hood goin hammilton like a mu’fucka LOL

  • i gotta agree. character does sell. We all know Styles kills the track almost every time, but he’s missing sometthing

  • KIng JuggaNott

    Right. He did come up with a nice concept for that one album. Maybe it’s that his character isn’t very interesting.

  • KIng JuggaNott

    Lloyd Banks is NUMBER TWO to this topic. Zero Character….just flat and mundane.

  • while i agree that Gangster and a Gentleman was Styles’ best character work, Lloyd Banks’ character is building now. Back in the day, i dont think he had a character at all, but he’s been building up

  • KIng JuggaNott

    @ S.H. I suppose…but I don’t think that being in the game 5+ y ears and just getting character will help ’em. LOL….Nick Minaj right out the gate (Like it or not) Character! Drake…character!! Biggie…Character.. Jigga…you get the point. Don’t get me wrong…they have character (Lloyd and Styles), just not the type that appeals to the masses. At the end of the day they are in the business of selling records. So when guys like Kanye has a stylist and shit like that….do you think Styles is that Public Relations savy? FuuuuUuuuUk no! That nigga stick rocking the timbs and fitted. All of that shit matters IMO.

    Just sayin’….you don’t need none of that to make good music…but the presentation is part of the package and some people are lacking. Or they are focused on being something that is not a marketable product. In so many words.

  • JBiggs

    Word! I used to say the same thing about Lloyd Banks LOL…..but after I heard “Dear Father” off a mixtape, I was like damn, this cat got something to say besides punchlines, he just gotta lose the fear of talking about personal shit. I think the voice itself got something to do with it, since both Styles and Banks got those monotone voices so people get bored quick LOL….but they got together on “Unexplainable” and MURDERED that beat. Just switch up the voice, on some Slick Rick shit and they’ll be good.

  • yeah both of yall are right, esp about character. Hmmmm, idk what they’ll need. In my opinion, if Puffy was more in tune with the way he used to be back in the day, i would have suggested that the LOX go back to Puffy instead of the Ross thing, but as for Banks? I believe in order to give Banks that character, they come out with another G-Unit album, the original 3 members Banks, Yayo, and Fif. Off the name alone, peeps will be checking for it and if the Unit delivers with the material like they did Return of the Body snatchers mixtape, I think they can use that momentum to reestablish Yayo and Banks buzz. Banks has that punchline buzz but the character needs work like you said.

  • jeanius

    na man styles just too ignorant and stubborn, he will not go commercial for nobody

  • @jeanius

    lol true, if he’s happy with being that way, to each their own. I know if i wanted to be in the music biz, id want to make it so i make so much money, i can fall back when i need to. Jay, Kanye, 50, Eminem all have that kind of catalog where they can just sit back and chill and provide for their families for a long ass time. I dont know if styles is at that level yet.

  • KIng JuggaNott

    You don’t have to search for what they are missing @ S.H., Listen to Busta, or a guy like DMX on the track. You can have all the lyrical talent in the world….they have character…..mundane…but character…..the thing that is the nail in the coffin for them…..PASSION. It’s missing. THink about that when you see Kanye on stage or you hear him talk. Then think about Fab or Lloyd and Styles… Passion. They are just hustlers….they are about the paper…but people like Character and Passion. And when I say character….I mean you gotta HAVE it…not BE one. Like Gucci mane…he IS a character…or Waka…he IS a character. I mean..Have some. Kinda like Mos Def HAS character…he’s just a lazy bum.

  • KIng JuggaNott

    and when I said busta and dmx..I meant that they have a great deal of passion towards their craft.

  • @king

    ^very very well said. Quote of the year even.

  • KIng JuggaNott

    And when I say Mos Def….he’s about as mundane and plain as they come….but he is ooozing character.

  • @King

    When Mos was on his Ms. Fat Booty shit, he had tons to character and appeal

  • KIng JuggaNott

    Yeah….Mos has great character..that’s my point. He’s great. A very interesting guy….he was a good example of character. Just lazy. I think he wants to be something other than an emcee.He’s one of my favorites actually. LOL

  • @King

    same here, i think he’s more into his acting career and such.

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  • @King ?cosign? Have you actually listen to fab music? He can get a huge ego when needed. And mos def have a tiny character but is more passionate about his music he just lack energy. And you can have more than one lesiure when you are very talented as him.

  • KIng JuggaNott

    I understand…maybe it’s just ME. An example of how something simple as Passion and Character can beat out a artists that are just talented? Maino. That guy is not the greatest anything…but he has passion and he has character.

  • @king

    id say Passion, but i dont see any character from him. And he’s is definitely not the greatest at anything at all lol

  • KIng JuggaNott


  • dutchmaster

    great convo, and a intresting theory

    but i’ve given up on the fact that “my favorite rappers” will ever be commercially accepted (read: pop-ular) again for a lot of reasons said above (love the character vs passion arguments) but the main one is now……AGE

    kids view our vets as old and washed up and hell, WE are not buying their albums anymore so will are little cousins, nieces/nephews, kids will?

    i just came back from a sold out packed wu-tang concert this week in atlanta…..lots of fans, tons of shirts, cds, crap sold, good energy, crazy show……how many of them really knows or will go get Apollo Kids next week?

    This video makes me love hip hop more and more and appreciate the soulja boys to my “love barbara” visuals.

    btw, A Gangster and A Gentleman was one of the most personal unexpected well rounded classics that neither Jada nor Sheek (lol) has ever come close to. Holds up much better than most of the D-Block catelogue. (Another example, not a group, but Black Rob’s Life Story to Bad Boy’s hey day, post B.I.G. era)

    Great convo

  • dutchmaster

    Banks, Fab, Maino all have combos of the “IT” factors, but like P, can never put it all together enough to break thru or sustain the pop-success

  • ^Wow yall are debating over a sorry azz rapper? smh Soulja boy will murder this fool ha!

  • Belize

    Pretty much. Y’all have pretty much covered everything.

  • KIng JuggaNott

    ON another note, the Dime in that video is a KEEPER. Damn…watched the vid twice to peep her out. DAMN…

  • ^Stop bull shitting! You were checking out style p homo ha!

  • @King, Belize, and Dutch

    yeah and I hate when the young peeps will say “yall hating cause yall dont like the new cats”

    they cant take constructive criticism.

    anyways, it really would take a lot for any of the LOX to be commercially viable. peeps can say “they do it for the love” which is true, but its also their career, and if anything happens to them (god forbid), how are they going to be assured that the fmaily is taken care of? If Michael jackson only did it for the love, where would his family be about now?

  • KIng JuggaNott

    @ James…with women running round like THAT in the video, I can’t see how those homosexual thoughts run laps around your head all day.

    @S.H. The thing about it is….I’m a New Orleans Rep and just like they have the guys like Styles P and underrated guys who don’t seem to blow like the HOT acts up north, we have that down here too (Eight Ball and MJG, BUN B, Devin the Dude 3-6 Mafia etc.) that haven’t ever shared the platinum sale status that other southern acts have. I think that those guys WANT that success, but would much rather have the loyalty from their fan base. Longevity and such. Yes…the guys like Nelly raped the game, but now that he has raped Hip Hop he couldn’t sell his CD in the Dollar Store if it was buy one and get a dozen free.

    Hip Hop is a strange genre bro, if you look at it. Our demands are different from any other genre. Acts in R & B can release albums every blue moon and just do shows. Hip hop…we forget about your ass. Like yesterday….
    Anyway…some of those guys are just good with their place in the game. To be honest…maybe it’s good that they DON’T have that spotlight. 3-6 for instance…they got a little spotlight and lost their got damn minds. Doing shit I wouldn’t have ever thought they would do…like shows and dumb shit. It is what it is. P is already in the books…you gotta choose what you stand for. Right now…Tyler Perry can get all the Money….but in my eyes he cant hold a candle to what Spike Lee has done for the culture. But that’s just ME.

  • @King


  • Stop writing long fucking paragraph you jack asses!

  • MARS

    That shit is live. I stay working out but I never tried this Bar Tendaz thing though. I’m look into this..I know they be out Brooklyn…

  • Black Shady

    Barbara? some1 needs to explain to me…

  • RIGZ

    co sign james

  • King Jugganott

    Damn James….I’m sorry If I’m hurting your tiny fucking brain prick. It’s not like anyone is asking your dumb ass to read the shit.

  • dutchmaster

    right before i was gonna say there was no ignorance to the posts, i see we have a few lol

    @black shady, barbara = mary jane

  • changeclothz

    this iz sick men

  • erk

    To sum it all up sell his soul lol i love his music time is money was a classic to me bad promo but da boi had hits on there. He don’t need to change shit somebody gotta talk about the everyday struggle everybody world ain’t fancy. Maybe he happy he an go and do shit like a regular person AND NOT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT A MACHINE HE GOTTA SACRIFICE EVERYTHING FOR..


  • AnuKiNSkywalker


  • AnuKiNSkywalker


  • Heavy on it huh? good we are too now lean back dont cry bout it we aint hearing you so be silent. millions more billion on oh and over 500,000 females all the time holla! DONT START A WAR WE WILL WIN TRUST AND KNOW THIS RR. 12321321313

  • i said YERR

    respect to STYLES P and the rest of the LOX who NEVER sell out and always do their thing! street shit, tough records … LOX 4 LIFE …
    this records real tight too, nice concept and clever. LYRICS

  • weswes

    this shit is awesome

  • @anukinskywalker Talk tough over the internet huh? Nigga you aint shit and the west is killing the north punk fag! Cant hang with the real gangster. You right yall some fuckin character and actors we the real shit! Gay azz screen name to bitch nigga ha!

  • So nobody’s going to talk about that big nigga putting hands on him at 2:51?! That shit was crazy.

  • Smitty22u

    Yall mafuccas jus dont get it do u!? Theze niggas in da lox arent sell outs n thats all it boils down to!