New EP: Terrace Martin x Devi Dev The Sex EP

Nice cover. Terrace and Devi Dev finally arrive with their 11-track EP with features from Lloyd, 9th Wonder, Hi-Tek and more. Let’s talk about sex baby after the jump.

Download here.

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  • Everybody Hates Chris (Bosh)

    Those look like Kim Kardashian’s tittays.

  • bjbsa

    ^ yes, they do

  • Kim K

  • Ricky Retardo

    ^ yes SIR!!!

  • iamtheghoul

    hey i know those boobs

  • seriously

    hahaha props on the “liar, liar” clip.

  • Jr5

    Those are kim’s boobs; i give it 2 days before they change that cover

  • Kim K’s tits r very nice.

  • jake

    damn they coulda got nice tits…those nipples belong in national geographic they’re so big..DEFINITELY not kim kadashians boobs

  • Nathaniel

    racks on racks on racks.

  • jake

    wait i thought half you people were joking about those being kims…i just looked this up and apparently you all read womans magazines but whatever thats on your own private gay time lol im shocked her tits hit the floor after her sex tape…those tits were perky and had tiny nipples in that video

  • Nathaniel


    apparently you’re the hermit who hasn’t seen the W Magazine photos she did. come from underneath the rock, grendel.

  • Donn

    Smh who would like a cover like this? -_- Rap needs 2 cut the bullshit or Im done

  • GAM3x1991

    smh @Donn

  • Hip Hop Head


    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sincerely, Hip Hop

    #LameAssFucktard <got that 1 from 1 of my white potnaz, used one of your own peoples words against you HA!

  • Hip Hop Head

    T. Martin is dope but cuz he’s from the West Coast he gets slept on heavier than the old Missy w/ Shamoo on her back.

    As far as this cover goes


    #HipHopWontEverDie #EVER

  • Robot

    Boobies !!!

  • B. Digital

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Titties

  • tr

    Damn, this shit ain’t safe for work.

  • cronk

    giant gross nipples

  • Mindfck

    Tig ol’ bitties!!!

  • jake

    @nathaniel i guess i don’t give two shits about kim kardashian and don’t understand why shes famous other than fucking ray j so excuse me for being under my rock of kim kardashian news lol….plus in her sex tape she had really nice boobs and those seriously look like something you’d see on tribe women in africa…not being racist but national geographic never showed a nice pair of tits..i won’t interrupt you from thumbing through your ladies magazine though

  • jake

    for the people wanting to suck on those…how do you wrap your mouth around those monster nipples?? cuz those are so big you know if they got hard it’d be like giving a blowjob to her tit they’d stick out so far….those just aren’t for me

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