Jay-Z & Roc-A-Fella ’03 Showtime Special

Anyone remember this? Well, thedynamics does. Before the Mike Tyson vs. Clifford Etienne fight eight years ago, Showtime aired  the first televised hip-hop concert featuring Jay-Z and his Roc boys. Here’s footage of Jigga running through, “U Don’t Know” and the remix, before M.O.P. makes us “Ante Up”! Here’s to the Roc.

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  • King Joseph

    thats roca fella back in there happier days…

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  • Hector M

    Damm time flies, this was when the Roc used to be the biggest rap label around.

  • C.Dot

    who was all on stage? jay, beanie, free, M.O.P………was that bleak in the white? Dame in the yankee hat?

    Jays live shows are about 400% better now than what we have just witnessed here.

  • G

    I remember paying for that fight. That concert was the highlight of the night because the fight only lasted for 1 round. If it lasted that long. I miss the old days. Beans turned into the hater of the century.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The ROC was the strongest team in HIP HOP. The good ole days when a label had real talent.

  • So Icy Boi!’s Stepfather

    Jay-Z is in my top 10 of emcees of all time.

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  • Darrin M

    This just put a smile on my face. I was at the concert back in 03 in Memphis Tn. And i’m in that clip .. Big Up.. Elliott Wilson..

  • 106

    I never knew about this. Those were the days ROC

  • Chi Town

    happier times….

  • classic shit


  • wickwickwack

    Dame was worst than puffy ! AT least diddy grabbed the mic to do some addlibs lol
    but i dont know who had the better dances

  • Belize


  • Jack Mehoof

    Roc-a-fella was the shit…better days

  • Ricky Retardo

    wow memories. recall watching the fight only for tyson to KO that nigga in like 35 secs of the 1st round or was it the 2nd? it was a quick fight either way. also Star and bucwild was gettin their hate on for real even though Jay made history to be the 1st Rap concert cable special.

  • jkhakl

    i remember watching when it came on. jayz voice was trembling at first. nervous

  • BLaZe1

    I remember this…its was right after some boxing fight…caught me by surprise…Great show tho

  • Man it’s crazy how time flies I remember this ish like it was yesterday! This definitely was the best part of that night too cause Mike did KO that man super quick! I actually still have this ish on a VHS of the whole show & fight afterwards too! Man do I miss these days from the ROC though when they where all in their prime! The ROC in their prime was the GOAT & I remember when they broke up I was so attached to them I kept denying it before actually accepting it & feeling like I had just lost an actual family member or something!

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Co-Sign Lil’ Nello

  • Ben

    Oh shit!! This was after that 42 second tyson fight! That was a great night! Wow, the memories.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • cliff

    How can I see the whole show