.38 Special “On Da Spot” Freestyle

“Run in your house, asking for cheese like Steve Urkel”

Did he do that? He sure did. Ha! .38 Special’s returned to Invasion Radio a few weeks back and let it rip over the airwaves. Look for his next mixtape, Time Served later this year.

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  • Jamel

    I like this guy

  • whoa

    crazy, that boy fire

  • first time hearing him — definitely feelin this shit — bout to look for more shit from him


    Thats my nigga… Roc city stand the fuck up for our soilder .38 SPECIAL

  • Brutally Honest

    Green been pushing homie since the early “invasion” tapes, when he (Green) was signed to Shady … Special is a beast , Em needs to re-sign Green and put out his debut .

  • Yeah dude is nice

  • Something about how he’s repping’s off. Not including he wrote the rap and written raps are not freestyles. He was so eager to rap before he forgot the rhyme he wrote. He probably arranged the beat to be played to. Rap fans, dont think he’s freestyleing. He’s rapping a written rap.

  • Wiz

    Clearly Advercity is a HATER!!!! Knock it off Dunny! Lets hear yo shit you probably trash ma nigga! TCF to da death!

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  • 585 stand up special hard is a bitch…..pause he gonna rep the town well