New Video: Trouble “No Worries (Freestyle)”

The Kang and Da Snow doesn’t seem to bother Trouble. So today, he marks his territory in the trap by laying out the next clip off his SCOOBstrumentals. Don’t worry, be happy, Atlanta.

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  • Your Conscious

    He said that there is strength in numbers which is true. But true leaders blaze a lonely path towards glory. Which in turn people like him will follow.

    I’m from Atlanta and it saddens me how these up and comers take jabs at people who kept and still do keep Atlanta relevant on global scale. Maybe they got flaws in their characters but hell don’t we all.

    Hell If I was Jeezy or Tip I wouldn’t bother yall ignorant asses either. Starving for attention.. I used to like Trouble but I’m a hater, hater.

    And since I’m an Anonymous Blogger “I aint got no worries”!

  • AND THE WWF RAP CONTINUES……………………………………………………………………….

  • Homie

    tip did alot of work to be a superstar in the A. you betta off asking him for the blueprint instead of asking for a black eye

  • CaliSteppin

    Cosign @Homie. Tip put work in to become a legend in the south nowadays rappers just want to diss the top dog to get poppin smh. Also Tip had Trouble on his Fuck the city up mixtape and Trouble gladly hopped on it now he wants to diss? foh

  • Mark

    These lame niggas don’t stop smh! The crazy part is Tip tried to even help the boy by putting on the mixtape

  • Ya Bish!

    Someone get the raid. I see cockroaches.

  • authenic-a1

    man fucc duct tape hating ass bitches niccas just on some straight hate shit,yall dont run shit in da a bitch ass niccas da ville ride 4 jeezy and tip come 2 cashville,tn an we show yall niccas bout real mob shit cuz yall niccas anit bout that life an yall kno it

  • wale

    before i saw the skirt i thought that white was a guy

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