• Ryan’s okay. These guys were giving him a bit too much of a hard time. Charlemagne crosses the line into bullying at times.


    For the first 2 years I thought Charlemagne was funny. Now he just takes things to far. All he does is hate on hip hop music and the only song he likes is a Katy perry song. Dude is mad corny now a days.



  • Texas Money

    Ryan Leslie the truth, fuck these hating ass, FOOD STAMP, FAGS on here! Ryan is nicer than your favorite rapper. NOW THATS THE TRUTH

  • @GiveHerTheD

    Charlemagne is a bum why talk shit about Ryan Leslie’s bank account? I bet you dont even have one tenth of what he has. Always talking shit, why dont you talk shit to Jeezy or rick ross dudes that will shut yout faggot ass up !

  • If you’re getting mad at Charlemagne then he’s winning

    The guy has the complexion of a coal miner
    the original Ashy Larry

    He was Wendy Williams purse holder for years

    Charlemagne couldn’t come up with a creative joke to save his life
    He just makes a lot of “outrageous” statements and hopes that one of them gets a reaction

    He’s no Howard Stern

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter (i follow back if you’re from Rap Radar board, ask around)
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Bababooey to you all