• mint

    RIP to Jay Dee! Looking forward to the new releases his family will be putting out.

  • produced a lot of hits we all banged out back in the day he will be missed.

  • Original Ty

    One of the best producers of all time. If he and Kanye had ever got to work together it would have been crazy. Miss his contributions to the game.

  • Dr Drum

    To: Future Beat maker,

    When you go clubbing, do you ever wonder how the DJ was able to lay down those tracks?

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  • Black Chalk

    dilla one of the greatest

    need beats?
    ^different styles

  • koO

    RIP Dilla. One of the greatest


    wats dat track by on da 38:00 mark???? wats da name of da track

  • J.

    Won’t do – illa j

  • mrstricklin

    Hey J, “Won’t Do” is actually J Dilla’s song… Not Illa J. Illa J played Dilla in the video because he had passed….