New Music: Wyclef Jean x Haitian Fresh “Love Sosa (Remix)”

haitan fresh wyclef

Wyclef is still jacking beats. For his latest, he and Haitian Fresh adds a little creole flavor to Chief Keef’s record. April Showers is on the way.

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  • pistalonthedressor

    the best new haitian artist is this kid…

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  • Joe

    who gives a fuck

  • Why So Serious

    ^then dont waste your time commenting you ignorant fuck.
    But my niggas killed it, putting on for the zoes.

  • DK

    Wyclef is a classic example of someone whose music I can’t even listen to because I’ve lost all respect for the artist. When your marketing strategy involves trying to capitalize from the current bad situation in the news (Haiti, Trayvon Martin) and try to pass it off as empathy, that’s where I draw the line; not to mention the “tell all” bullcrap on his affair with Lauryn Hill, his presidential campaign that even Pras called him out for and his gross exaggeration of his “injury” last year.

    Remember when musicians were known primarily for their music and not for douchebaggary and publicity stunts? …yeah, me neither.

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