Behind The Scenes: Jay-Z “Picasso Baby”

Currently, Hov is at the Pace Gallery in New York City performing a 6 hour art piece performance of “Picasso Baby” for his album’s first video. Here’s a collage of clips from the shoot from Info.

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  • wivu

  • as

    i fuckin hate B. Dot

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  • drethewave

    kool scenes…Jay got something with this album..the energy is right…the lyrics are good but the delivery for a 43yr old is incridible…no other aged rapper still has that new flow..half the youngings dont either… Just let me be great

  • StarFox64

    so word is he was playing this song for six hours or still is…?

  • Jay a smart dude got the world viewing him doin a video,shows how much people look into a album when your a multi-Millionaire. and twitter @letphillybang check me out.

  • bumpy johnson

    there is a lot of dope records if not all on this album .. he can drop a video for every track … in track listing order ….wait till he reach that on the run pt2 ft beyonce I saw girls goin nuts off that track on facebook …….. this guy sean is just straight out dope …… there is not one irrelevant bone in this guy’s body ………

  • The Wise

    Lmfao at the old lady with the leg cast on riding the bike lmmfao

  • Nathaniel

    yeah, @StarFox64

    He was doing it as “perfomance art.” 6 hours straight at Pace Gallery in New York.

  • That’s cray….ROC Nation is on fire right now, release a Jay Elec album please!

  • DopeeeeeNesssss

    Jay is that nigga!

    Also ya should check out this new artist
    Supe Dupe | World In My Hands | (Official Sneak Peek Video)

  • JOHNYblaze

    Does this nigga know basquiat was a bi sexual sex worked slash herioin addict whom had homosexual affairs with Warhol?

    Which doesn’t mean shit but jay z only lik few yrs younger than basquiat, nigga was already selling coke when basquists relevancy died, so why now hovi?????

    Your late on that shit, no avant garde.

  • Gambino

    he’s dressed like a fuck boy.

  • scw

    i hear roc nation looking into these cats as the next addition

  • Black Shady

    video looks dope

  • Eternally Sleepy

    The video will be based on performance artist Marina Abramovic’s exhibition at the MOMA where she sat silently and spectators took turns sitting in front of her. I think she totaled over 700 hours. about That is her in the black going head to head with Jay…. Video willed be dope.

  • OhWORD


    he dressed like a fuck boy ay? While you sitting at your house probably wearing a throwback jersey, that man dressed like a “fuck boy” got millions, how much you got bitch nigga?

    OH What a feeling lollll

  • Can’t wait to see this video. I wonder how its gonna play out…

    James Allen

  • The Truth

    man oh man when an artist gets slandered for things outside of his music and his dick riders come out the cut that is the most annoying shit @ohWORD get his dick out your mouth and just enjoy the music, people gon slander all day, but the pointless dick riding must cease he ain’t worried bout neither one of you

  • IM730

    Name ONE RAPPER that could sit there in spit at an ART MUSEUM with nothing but art fans and white people around and still BE SO SECURE with himself… and doesnt need to have a bunch of his “niggas” around tryin to look tough.. Yo I thought it was just a little sayin to promote the album but fuck #NewRules is right..

    im pre-embarrased for any of the niggas that are gonna even try to do some shit like this..

  • thirdeyijimmy

    ^he’s performing kiddo calm down,,,thats what he gets paid to do…stop reaching.

  • Loaded

    shut up IM730

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    Marina Abramovic, that is fucking incredible. This video will be very interesting/dope. Hov!

  • Charlamagne Tha Lord

    Fuck it, if y’all won’t say it, I’ll say it… JAY, YOU’RE NOT KANYE!!! When did this nigga EVER really truly like art? Like, seriously… Put a Basquiat painting in his face during his Blueprint days, the nigga would have slapped you silly and told you to get that shit out his face. He’s too hood for that… Fuck out of here Jay.

  • bumpy johnson

    @ charlamagne the lord ……………….. tell them how u feel bruh ……………

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  • IM730

    haha yall the type of niggas that get uncomfortable being surrounded by white people.. cause yall not secure with yourselves.. No shit he;s performing.. I said name a rapper that wouldnt need all his people there. dummies.. Niggas always wanna speak but aint sayin nothin…

  • The Brain Trust


    You’ve tried & failed to make an interesting point TWICE.

    *Shouts in Jay’s Imaginary Player voice*


  • marina abramovic
    That’s who Jay was dancing (?) with at 1:28 – 1:41 with

    I’m sure a lot of you finally figured this out after reading it somewhere from someone who knew this form the jump. Or follow my Twitter.
    I knew who JAY Z was wishing he could be , no biggie
    Get it?
    No biggie

    oh yea, fuck a @b dot

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Jay Z, the man who became king by stealing everything from everyone

  • brza

    looks interesting!

  • good ass point

    jay z cant do no wrong

    great artist
    great album
    great music
    great presentation

    good stuff
    this is inspiring to find the best that u can offer to this world
    now im inspired to do something dope

  • Genesis

    Finally…. Someone who gets it….. It’s meant to inspire….. Fucktards would rather hate all day…..

  • I didn’t expect for this to be a single.Seems like more of a street single.Tom Ford seems like a killer single.Ppl gravitated to it naturally.It’s been trending for days.The Justin joint or a few could have been better singles IMO, but what do I know?

    Loch J Cole @jcolenc Ft. TLC Crooked Smile Freestyle:

  • So what if Jay didnt appreciate art back in the day? At one point he wasnt making music either and then he CHANGED. Then he went from music to business. U want his old shit buy his old albums

    Hater logic <


    I Love the re-invention of Jay. Always re-inventing himself !

    And it’s always interesting… The fact that he did all those interviews and now dropping behind the scenes when you know he don’t have too…is so good for hip hop.

    It’s as if he’s switched up the rules. but still stays grounded by giving us BTS looks and interviews and commercials.

    This should be very good. Dope track.
    and TOM FORD could be a single too, its that new dirt off ur shoulders, its his swag record.

    ONLY IN AMERICA is the best record tho/



  • dat nigga



    “gotta bop like this/ can’t wear skinny jeans cus my knots don’t fit…”

    *looks at posted video*


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