New Video: Chief Keef “Citgo”


One of the worst songs in recorded sound now has a video. Watch as Chief Keef and his Glory Boys pop wheelies and imaginary pistols. For what it’s worth, download Finally Rich here. Subtitles sold separately.


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  • Then why even post it?

  • O block

    This song isn’t that bad. Stop hating shitradar

  • ron

    this shit is terrible

  • Hip-Hop

    Huh? Not that bad? This nigga not even speaking English. Shit sucks.

  • Mike B

    haha..nice caption….

    Sometimes songs can be so ignorant they’re good, like soldier boy all the way turnt up…
    this is so ignorant it’s horrible

  • 1234

    B. Dot hating ass. appreciate the diversity in rap. not every rapper will be like your butt buddy Mackelmore

  • Peekay

    This is all kinds of terrible. Nothing good will ever come of this.

  • mnka

    foreal why post it? and by that i mean no one cares what i think

  • That Guy

    Wow bdot was right. This shit is horrible. It’s more like noise than miso

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ 1234

    ^ Wait….did you just say “diversity”? You know the meaning of “diversity” right? If so, how would “diversity” apply here? Please explain. Thanks.

  • 3rdEye

    I respect B.Dot. He’s speaking his mind and not being fake.

  • It’s the roc

    Why post it? Because the whole point is to document and give you his perspective on the key goings-on in the culture, good and bad. Isn’t that why you come here, to see what they post and how they feel about it? If it was all positive reviews, it would just be non-stop MMG posts ha

  • Obama

    To everyone commenting “then why even post it?” Nigga they get paid to post shit.. Did you think they just post shit cause they’re feeling it? As for the video.. Clearly not serious right?? This a parody on the current human condition right??? Good job Jimmy.. Here’s an act with longevity written all over it..

  • StarFox64

    sounds like a parody of some sort..

  • mnka

    i just feel like this shouldnt be on the list of “key going-ons in the culture” it should be ignored and avoided by all outlets. unfortunately thanks to kanye, this guy is having his 15 minutes and we are all worse for it

  • youngpledge

    I fucks with this. Hated it at first, by the end of the video I liked it.

  • Lol

    Y’all talk a lot but yeen doin shit tho!!!!!! Chief keef young and gettin money

  • 1234

    @JustMyOpinion yeah hence why i used it moron. diversity in rap, is different types of rap. not everything has to be lyrical and deep. appreciate it for what it is. hope that cleared things up for you. words are tough

  • VGA

    One of my favorite off the album I been waited for this shit… That’s why they post it because chief keef got fans and they got no choice… I’m glad they made b dot hatin ass post it up 2…

  • It’s the roc


    I don’t like it either, but when Keef drops something, it’s getting posted everywhere. 1. He’s signed to interscope and 2. He is hugely relevant

  • Musikal

    This shit butt ass.

  • A po boy eating a hoagie right about now

    Chief Keef >>>> Macklemore

    All day

  • epinz

    Bdot has to post it for obvious reasons

  • kef

    he needs to invest his money smart, not blow it. because hes a 1 hit wonder!

  • This is terrible.

  • Sutty lad

    Bang Bang

  • detroit niggroe

    LOL at this weak ass nigga n his goons! Im glad they post this shit cause to me its like watchin a muthafuckin comedy or cartoon or sumthin. This lil retarded nigga n his squad of midgets all on that fake gunplay shit lol!! Does this nigglet even know what he sayin himself? just sound like muttering.

    • o’block234

      SHUT THE FUCK UP , YO goffie ass would get killed . goffie bitch’