New Music: Freddie Gibbs x Madlib “Deeper”


Gibbs and Madlib bring their great chemistry on the title track off their EP, Deeper. Purchase the project here and look out for their collabo album, Pinata coming next.


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  • rahrahrah

    Gibbs…you delivered.!

  • j

    Good shit Gibbs. I been missing the story songs! This is dope

  • The real big homie

    RR overlooking Gibbs in favour of Elliott’s friends up top.

  • true

    damn im trynna hear that Harold’s track too! Who’s got a link?!?!?!

  • matrix

    Fire!! I fuggs wit this Gibbs…Chuuch…

  • MadGibbs> your life

  • rahrahrah

    Damn Madlib….respect due! Dilla would be jealous of this shit.

  • Streetz


  • balla

    One day people will call Gibbs a legend…along with others Kendrick, KRIT, Cole and a couple others. How many other artists have 6, about to be 7, album quality projects? So what if the industry doesn’t fuck with him?!? I refuse to consider dudes like Ross, Wiz, Wale, Meek Mill, Tyga, Wayne, Drake, Ace Hood, Big Sean, Mac Miller, etc as legends. HELL NO! Gibbs been out rapping all those dudes and been getting a tenth of the shine. Gibbs = the King of the Underground

  • My nigga Gibbs been on

  • epinZ

    Gibbs been that ngga…..just slow down homie, I just bought esgn. Now u got an ep and the album comin out???? I wont get around to this shit till at least next year

  • Angelo

    This is dope! Better than anything out right now in Urban Music

  • atown don

    LOL this nigga balla called J Cole a legend! But anyway so glad Vice Lord Gibbs stop fuckin wit JOKE ASS Jeezy & his wack ass label so he could really get his shine on! Damn shame Jeezy weak ass would never put the man’s album out because he didnt wanna get OUTSHINED! REAL TALK

  • Strong Johnson

    cosign @balla Krit & Gibbs don’t get the credit they deserve. Need more cats puttin that soul in their music. This is dope. All the trap beats & club music in the world can’t beat this street music & storytelling skills.

  • it’s the roc

    utter flames

  • creo

    @balla i feel u bro gibbs is too dope. Skills always out weigh sales n popularity. Gibbs n krit 2the best dat need 2 be respected 4 great projects.not singles full projects!

  • Truth

    Gibbs delivers once again!

  • ya boy


  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    Gibbs been that dude. That forced world where they try to force you to feel that Wayne, Ross, J.Cole, Wale, etc. are the best. Nah bruh. I rep hip hop. And Gibbs has been that work for quite some time.

  • dmfslimm

    on a related note Gibbs got the best videos on youtube.

  • Fire.

  • Spellz

    Madlib. Gibbs. Shit you take notes to. Gracias

    Dilla R.I.P.