• Young Lucky

    hes a fucking idiot. and what nigga would toss their mom under the bus EVEN IF she did encourage him to drop out of school. thanks for making them crackers think this goes on often in our households

  • MasteMind

    cosign @younglucky

  • JustMyOpinion

    Ooooooo Ooooooo Terio.

  • Jefferson and Figueroa

    I feel like everthing Lil Wayne says is a lie or is somehow, fabricated…
    I feel sorry for the teens who believe this guy and the hoopla of the industry. I used to believe everything rappers said also.

  • AgnesOBurke

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  • Truu

    @YoungLucky I don’t get what you’re saying, it’s not like his mom made him drop out to be a bum or sumn, he dropped out to take the GED which is damn near an equivalent and that was due to circumstances beyond their control. Lets not forget he went on to go to college regardless. Smh you people

  • Yeezus Christ

    lol at people that think they know waynes life idiots

  • Barbara Ella

    yeah maybe hes outlived the lights or maybe trying to say somethin.. pretty katie is a hella stage to do it on

  • Safe Dwade

    Haha these niggas on RR be hella hating on niggas that run the game not from NY

  • So

    @YungLucky is a fucking moron half these celebrities kids or famous teens do the same thing hell Drake just got his a year ago His mom clearly saw something in him that shouldn’t be held back by making him go to a school where he needed a gun and 4 Grammys later thank you mom

  • DjdakaYungDan

    He always seems genuine to me during interviews but Wayne has already done an interviews with katie couric. He is a bitch for doing stuff like this. I guess Drake attracts young girls and wayne attracts old women. Imagine Gucci Mane or Keef with Katie Couric.

  • Theblackrushlinbaugh

    *rachel ray* next?

  • Jerm

    Young lucky them “crackers” love niggas like you. Always desperate to prove yourself “Hey look at me i’m a well behaved negro”. Let your nuts hang you lil bitch.

  • Yuup

    These niggers are rampant in these comments lately defending Wayne and his coonery..

  • dodo


  • SMH at you ignorant fucks. You niggaz act like this is the first time u heard of somebody takin a gun to school. Should I mention Columbine. When u doin something positive like motivating the black youth to skateboard ur called a sellout or whatever tha fuck you call it. When a nigga says he had to take a gun to school for protection hes bein stupid for sayin it on tv. U emotional ass niggaz. When was the last time any of u niggaz motivated anybody to do anything. U niggaz probably havin a hard time just to get ur girl to give u some head.

  • It don’t matter what he says in an interview, the kids that are impressionable and like Lil Wayne only know the songs and go off that. Around Carter II time (the only time I really messed with this nigga) I thought it was dope he was being public about going to College. He had the platform and voice to make that shit “cool” to the youth.

    But at the same time you can’t glorify being a blood, shooting niggas, piping bitches and taking drugs and then try to justify it in an interview ain’t nobody checking for…

  • ^^^^I see what u sayin but its 2013…Gunz and taking drugs is being glorified everywhere you turn. Zimmerman killed a nigga and got off. What message you think that sends to the black youth. I dont agree with Wayne puttin it out like this but lets not act naive about it. What he said is happening EVERY day in the hood.

  • crysis

    just retire now you clown LOL.

  • haaann

    wayne still one of the GOATS

  • @ Bo [email protected]

    No doubt, I hear you. But I feel a dude in his position could help with some of that. And I know he does his thing for the N.O., but it’s like, whether we want to accept it or not, music helps shape and mold.

    He’s made some of the most ignorant songs the past 3-4 yrs, having little girls on the stage while he performing a ratchet ass song like “Every Girl,” just everything he represents right now is on some clown shit so it’s like, what’s he (or anybody else) supposed to get outta interview like this?

  • haaann



    I was expecting a porno.


  • Great Interview. Lil’ Wayne continues to show people just how intelligent he is.

  • kef

    hes on harder drugs that codine, thats what allowed him to lie about it. look at his eyes vs her eyes in the interview. how much clearer her whites of the eyes were. amazing..