New Music: Lupe Fiasco “Peace Of Paper/Cup Of Jayzus”


Earlier this year, Lupe kept fans wondering when he revealed lyrics to a track with an interesting title. Tonight, he finally liberated the final product for our ears.

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  • k

  • me23

    this shit is awful

  • RapRaDumb

    I wasnt listening…but JayZ does talk a lot about money

  • garbage.

  • listen to this if you dont understand what lupe talking about lol.

  • TOY-T


  • Balla

    It’s been all downhill since Lasers

  • RaTheGod

    lol This dude is so lyrical, it’s like he’s speaking another language. You got to go to rapgenius in order to fully appreciate his shit. As an artist, i wish i get something close to his core fan base, they appreciate dude enough to let him experiment & they’re patient enough to search for the genius in all his tracks.

  • the truth

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ agreed.

    This song is sick either way but after reading the lyrics on rapgenius its on a whole other level now.

  • Dashing

    This is lyrically impressive….I’m sure, but I don’t want to listen to this any more than I want to try to read a book with a paragraph of footnotes on each page to understand the text. Great rap should make sense without having to explained and ALSO have other layers that have double meanings, depth etc.

    this just isn’t fun to listen to.

    Daydreamin got it right. I want more of that Lupe.

  • TOY-T


    SLR 2
    SLR 3


  • Muggsy B

    He is definitely in the GOAT conversation. Shit’s undeniable now.

  • Devante

    Smh y’all the same niggas who said SLR 2 was trash…

    This niggaz bars go way over y’all head..

  • That Guy

    The verse is intricately complex and although very impressive it takes away from the aspect of it still being a song that has to be listened to. Lu is a bona fide artist and one may say genius when it comes to lyricism but he has the luxury of sitting down to write this on a page whereas the audience has to engage their hearing to pick up on the passing words and unpack them. This involves numerous listens (without rap genius) which i dont mind but he’s also got to release some songs that hide complexity using simplicity, which he has done in previous albums and which comprise his best work. I applaud this song and I think this is next level shit but I want something like “Dumb it Down,” “Put You on Game” or “Cool.”

    • the man


      you realize people said the SAME THING about ”Dumb It Down”, ”Put You On Game” ”The Cool” and many of his other songs. The difference is that he had more of a message. This isn’t Album shit, his album shit is as understandable as ever [[look at Food n Liquor 2, aint nothing too complex there]]

      Lupe is lyrically flexin and other niggas in the gym can’t stand it. It’s like when you big as fuck and niggas immediately think ”steroids”. Lu is fuckin LEGIT. GOAT.

  • Why complain about not being able to understand the song when dude released the lyrics in August? Shit, y’all had a month to study! LOL

  • michelle

    THIS IS DOPE. someone need to sign tho hes making the type of music KANYE should be making FOR SURE

  • DMVinyourchick

    LOL where tf is the lupe who made Hurt me soul?The Coolest?LittleWeapon?Gotta Eat?. Turn on the light, im looking for em. this shit whack not only is his flow wierd, his beat selection is bad. and he still trina work that body part scheme. thighs,eyes,legs,feet,lips blah blah blah

  • Georgyyy

    Flow is ridiculous. Gifted dope ass MC. i aint even a huge Lupe fan, but this nigga nice

  • kayandgee

    he went waay over my head, but lupe is super ill, he might be too good for the regular listener, he defn need to dumb it down abit .


    people gotta stop acting like complex lyrics are a bad thing. you don’t have to understand every single lyric on your first listen.

    lupe doesn’t make throw-away music that he only expects people to listen to once. he makes music for his fans that he knows will be listening multiple times, picking apart every verse and lyric.

    seriously, it is sad when people don’t care about lyrics in rap. rap is all about lyrics, ya’ll got brainwashed by catchy beats and forgot what kind of music you were listening to.

  • DMVinYourchick

    ^^^^ What good are extra complex lyrics if you have to sit down with an almanac and an encylopydia to understand the whole song? Lupe used to have the perfect balance, he elevated to the point where you were forced go look things up but he kept it low enough that you could still hear something and go beserk upon listening because it was so dope. “A Match made in Heaven set the fires in hell” so simple yet so complex. some would say he was referencing the characters in his album some would say the devil was the match made in heaven who set the fires in hell.

    just because no one knows what your saying doesnt mean your dope, twelib said it himself

  • Dashing

    Funniest comment:

    “Why complain about not being able to understand the song when dude released the lyrics in August?Shit, y

  • TJP

    People complaining about the complexity of his lyrics… exactly what’s wrong with hip hop fans today.

    If you want standard lyrics that are easy to understand. Go and listen to Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

    Lupe just goes over ya’ll heads and your complaint is that he’s too lyrical. LOL!

  • lupe is one of the greatest no doubt, but im just saying after hearing dope sht from “The Cool” where u could kinda follow what he talking bout, then come to now, its like he went left field wit it. Ima have to listen to it bout 5-10 times just to get in the ballpark to figuring out what the damn song about. Ima lupe fan and I still support just idk what he be talking bout sometimes. Yea he’s extremely lyrical which is dope but too much is too much. Especially after listening to mmg,migos,kanye,French Montana and so on. lol Brotha cant take extremely lyrical content. I like all rap mainly mmg n kanye tho. #Not Hating.

  • slime

    @RashadP kill yoself


    this is fukin dope as fukk mang

  • That Guy

    @Dashing, why acknowledge stupidity? Don’t even engage dawg.

    Just to clarify the argument of Lupe’s getting too complex: We’re all for lyrics; they’re the essence of hip-hop, which is why we’re on this page. But, cryptic lyrics that reference vague 19th century scientists or a Japanese clothing line that’s exclusive to Japan aren’t impressive and defeat the purpose of a song, which is to convey an understandable message to an audience. Zooming out, the works of the greatest writers, poets, and lyricists didn’t have one, very complex level, but rather they functioned on multiple levels, spanning from a superficial to a rich, deep one. Lu’s getting caught up in the wrong aspect of song writing. Play “Put You on Game” right now and see how dense that song is yet how intelligible.

  • Dashing

    @That Guy, couldn’t have said it better.

  • @slime why would I lol? cuz you dont like what I said? aint nobody hating on lu so why cant I post my aspect on it smh “Some Type a way,” “Some Type a Way”


    lupe underrated its jus stupid

  • 2gunnsUp

    Can’t believe cats complaining about lyrics, just admit it your mental capacity is weak so move on and listen to the simple lyrics of 2chainz.

    Lupe thanks for the gift…..

  • foreal

    yall mad stupid..

    When you dummies gonna learn Lupe isnt dropping ”songs”, hes dropping bars!!! This isnt sht for you to judge him as an artist by, these is straight lyrics! He a lyricist and been kickin nothin but bars all year! Use ya brains, stop expectin some stupid trap sht and at the very least open up a rapgenius ffs

  • Lupe Fiasco’s music is not for stupid people.