New Video: Lil Keke x Kirko Bangz “Worry Bout You”

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What Bout You?

Rather than worrying about what others think, Lil Keke is doing him in his brand new video featuring fellow H-Town rider, Kirko Bangz. Off Lil Keke’s forthcoming set, Money Don’t Sleep.

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  • Redd

    Who the fuck still talks like that? Houston niggas are just as bad as New York niggas trying to hold on to shit from the past. Switch your re-hashed flow up and move on and maybe you’ll get somewhere.

  • DOG?

    as soon as i heard that flow i said come on son..Im comin dine Im pourin up…Fug dude

  • Billow Baggins

    if you dont know about REAL Hip Hop don’t watch this video====> check out @DELLP215 #hiphoplives directed by @samlans share and RT. =====>

  • mike

    Watch this music video!!!!!

  • Viva LA Raza

    I was ready to like this, but….

    Recycle the verses from Houston legends, steal Drakes flow/voice and here you go…

    and it sounds good too..but no.

  • CM Punk

    Feels very derivative. And I still feel that Kirko Bangz is to a Merecedes-Benz CLA to Drake’s S-Class.

  • RAW

    Hate till the end of time, but fools ALL OVER THE WORLD bitin’ off of this Texas shit. Muthafuckas wanna try to screw they’re songs up, talkin’ about “Drank”, Candy Paint, Trill, Throwed, Chunkin’ Duece, Then, wanna have fake ass SLAB’s in they’re videos, or wanna speak on it. STEALING IT!!! tryin’ to Swang N Bang All in the videos. Suckas talkin’ bout Syrup n shit? Yeah run and tall that shit!! We ain’t no fuckin’ pussy ass trend it’s a way of life….and just cuz NYC started Hip Hop doesn’t make them the fuckin’ Rap Police!! Not paying homage, but then wanna hate on this HustleTown style. Well it ain’t up for grabs dick in the booty ass haters because if you don’t like, fine with us kuz we don’t give a fuck. You can keep yo high priced cost of living no jobs creation, low wages working for change, bitin’ ass cities with yo high asss cost of living n shit cuz nobody is moving to yo town in record numbers. If you wann be down with the movement, WELCOME. If you can’t stand it, dont steal our shit like everybody else stole the Raiders “NATION.” In the words of the late great Sweet James, Sweet Jones, Tony Snow Pimp C, “Smoke Summin’ Bitch!!”

  • RAW

    …And Don’t even get me started when ESPN, video games copy catting this “Black Gold City” shit. Kirko stole Drake’s Flow??? Hahaha! Give me a fucking break! When I hear Drake, I know it’s Drake. When I hear Kirko’s voice, I know it’s Kirko. A lot of people sound similar..And where the fuck is Drake living again???!!! WELCOME PLAYA!!$$ Tell ASAP to uit bitin, Jay-Z, Chris Brown with that “Chunkin’ Deuces” song, WITH NO HTOWN REPS IN THAT SONG WHATSOEVER!!!??? Yeah who got the last laugh now biters. Y’all killed the Bay Area’s slang, but you ain’t gonna run off with our shit, and then wanna talk shit on the kool. Oh yeah, that’s ours too! Just like T-Lady, and T-Jones. I bet y’all want a HustleTown dictionarypedia like 106 & Park wanted to know WTF we were talkin’ about. WELCOME TO The Mighty H mane…..50 Cent stole shit too! What up Big Diesel(Dallas), ATX(Austin) Funky Town(Fort Worth) and the TONE(San Antonio)…and the sparkling city by the beach Corpus Christi. The WHOLE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS JACK!!$$

  • RAW

    Those media fucks can promote what the fuck they wanna promote ON Bravo Network, VH1, BET, MTV,ESPN, USA, Food Network, TLC, but I know the damn TRUTH!!$$ We know who really runnin’ thangs playa. Oh yeah, Guerilla Black, Usher, Rick Ross, and on, and on, and on since 2000, and more recently since 2004. Let me hear another wanna be Screwed, or Screwed N Chopped sound on another track by ANYONE ELSE than Texas rappers. HAHA! Yeah I KNOW I will that’s why muthafukkuz!!$$ Let me hear another wanna be TRILL copy cat bitch!!$$ Yeah, I KNOW I WILL that’s why. HAHA!…And once again, we welcome ALL to The Great Republic Of Texas. Bout ready for the next biter alert. HAHA!

  • RAW

    Can’t forget about fools stealing ‘What It Do?” HAHA! WELCOME TO THE REPUBLIC OF TEJAS MANE!!$$..Where the land is plentiful, the women are beautiful, and the money is ALWAYS OFFICIAL$$$ AWWWREADY FREDDY!!!$$$