Kanye West Questioned For Assault

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Yeezy Strikes Again.

Here we go again. But this time, don’t blame the paparazzi. According to TMZ, Kanye was named a suspect for allegedly assaulting an 18 year-old man today in Beverly Hills. The situation stems from the victim using racial slurs towards him and Kim.

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  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    lol..what kind of grown man gets his buttons easily pushed like that

    • Sean Power

      easily ? not this time some random guy come up to your woman with racial slurs you have all to beat his ass

      • Vurbz Fenomeno

        Lol..and now he’s being charged with assault..lack of emotional control is reserved for children

        • LuckyP757

          you my friend will forever remain without a piece of in house pussy. your bitch finds out you won’t stand up for her thats ball game for you. a random guy calls your wife a racial slur and a slut and you whisk her away? lol yeah ok

        • Sean Power

          man as man you stand for you and your family you can’t maker everything slide

        • Marlow †

          you just a bitch point blank

    • The real ea

      Easily, you ever been disrespected in that manner, has the mother of your child ever been disrespted like that. That pussy ass cracker deserved to get duffed out

      • Vurbz Fenomeno

        Lol..now bcos one racist white guy has insulted a black celeb u don’t even know personally, u have resorted to racial slurs yourself..chill bruh

        • Ea

          Eat a dick, you’re probably one of these crackers who say shit like this

          • Vurbz Fenomeno

            Lol..im black..why u so mad bro?

  • JMcL

    ofcourse this is posted by tmz…

  • Carlos Danger

    a misunderstood altercation but dude just could have said i wasn’t talking to you i was talking to the paparazzi’s but then again why he got to use nigger what color was dude lol… http://superkicks88.yourlikes.com/

  • raj

    If the dude said what he said to kim and kanye…i applaud kanye “putting them paws on him

  • Joshmo

    anything to take kanye down so sad what an industry so sad

  • Sean Power

    kanye did the right thing

  • HeyBuddy

    Idk who’s fault this is. Kanye ain’t in the hood no more. Can’t be going around beating people up. But can’t say I feel sorry for that racist though.

    • Nathaniel

      what? people get beat up outside of the hood everyday, joe. this is america.

  • t

    Oh well. FUCK that kid. He had that ass whoopin comin.
    Kanye will toss him a few hundred thou outside of court.

  • Hussle

    Cha-ching!!!! Kanye and Kim fell of the trap

    • MrSkeezyMak


  • RickyAnthony

    media is trying so hard to tarnish this mans name

    • MrSkeezyMak

      Thats not too hard to do… dude does stupid shit. If he punched everyone who talked shit on him or Kim, he’d be punching most people. Not saying the punk ass kid didn’t deserve it, but someone in his position of fame needs to let shit slide… or be ready to pay a few hundred K for punching some dude.

      • LuckyP757

        fuck out of here “dude does stupid shit” you sound like the 18yr old kid right now. one of them provoking but don’t expect someone to torch ya ass type of people. “let shit slide” you and i can let shit slide because its not us being taunted as much and in the same light as ye

      • Vurbz Fenomeno

        That’s all I’m sayin…thats why we stay taking L’s and looking like lunatics..cos we can’t control ourselves

  • The real ea

    That white boy thought he was on the internet keyboard thugging and trolling until Ye duffed him out!

  • IV

    Shitttt I wish a white boy would…

    • LuckyP757

      LMAOO no question!!

  • lebron jamies

    “Here we go again?” this is a rap blog.. dont help the mainstream media tarnish one of our bright spots name…. if that kid ALLEGEDLY said what he said to your significant other… especially finace… any man with some fucking sense would have responded the same way.

  • D-Twice

    I like how they say 18 year old guy like he’s a kid…nah he a grown ass man and he got his ass whipped plain n simple.

  • anonymous

    where the hell was the bodyguards? this shit shouldn’t have happen. if kim had her security on deck that dude would not got that damn close, THEY suppose to open the door, not some random dude.