• Coney

    Thank God no Ebro. Maybe someone else will get the chance to talk now.

  • Justin Time

    How is the dude the King of Brooklyn again when Jay Z is obviously the king. Hell, even if Jay is not in the race, there is Fab who’s definitely putting out more consistent music then Maino

    • LOL

      cuz Maino’s actually in the streets, all of these NY rappers claiming that shit ain’t nowhere to be seen. Jay should of said something about these fuck boys talking bad about NY when they were bashing the city

      • bigfoot2011

        Jay don’t run rap; he runs the map. He’s not focused on brooklyn

      • Kingly_Caracter

        Perhaps…They’re working. Why do niggas expect you to chill on the block when you’ve put in all that work to get out? I’m not saying never visit again. But you’re making it sound like Fab etc should still be on the corner throwin dice?

  • LOL

    Maino a real dude, but K.O.B. needed more tracks like the Album Title, too many south trap beats but it’s good for what it is.

  • Jon Long

    Main has everything needed to be a star except rap skills. He just not that good. Ep has way too many atl snap beats to be called kob

  • Kob lol this dude have know rep lil cease lil berg lil trinidad james and I bet he didn’t take the watch foh

  • Real nigga. Salute. #KOB #TIMELESS

  • Dwight Stewart

    King of Brooklyn? he ain’t touching anything outside of New York. Jay Z is definitely King of Brooklyn. He can be the son of Brooklyn.