• Cmon Son

    For the love of Christ, make the Papoose coverage stop

  • DT

    I mean, at least the beat selection & features are good

  • Truth Be Told

    Honestly why does Rap Radar cover this guy? I don’t get why ANYONE covers him. His music is mediocre at best. I understand a post here and there but anything he does RapRadar covers. Is there some person bias going on here? Maybe. It is a a blog but gives us something refreshing RapRadar. It’s obvious Papoose will always just be Papoose and nothing more.

  • LeVar Johnson

    Why take time out of your day just to hate on someone? If you don’t care for his music, don’t click on it. Simple. I don’t like Gucci Mane’s music so I just scroll past it. These guys are trying to make an honest living and support their families doing something they enjoy. Do something with your lives instead of hating on people who are trying to do something with theirs.

    • Truth Be Told

      Yes but if that is the case these blogs would put everybody on and they don’t. They put on an act that NOBODY cares for.

    • Cmon Son

      On a basic level…it’s not unheard of to voice your displeasure when you care about something. As someone who cares about the rap game I’ll always voice my displeasure with (IMO) un-talented or unworthy artists getting a spotlight over others. That’s just how it is. I wish ya’ll would eliminate “hate” from your vocab

  • 44wade

    yo this is actually really good. more dope new york music but people keep hating and sleeping

  • BedfordStuyvesant21

    Pap & Jay Z both take a backseat to Maino who IS undisputed KOB (KING OF BROOKLYN)