New Music: Freddie Gibbs “G Like Dat”


G’d Up.

Freddie Gibbs just may be the hardest working man in hip-hop. A month after releasing Piñata, Gibbs is supplying iTunes with new EP featuring The Worlds Freshest. Listen to their first offering and pre-order here.

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  • Bkmkj

    This nigg might be my new favorite rapper…i fuggs with almost all his traccs and the nigg switches up styles easily…Chuuch…

    • Chronic

      Another one of those guys like yelawolf who is almost too creative and real for mainstream

  • Onepercentfree MaxGrogan

    Huey P Newton is the best.

  • Onepercentfree MaxGrogan
  • Cruz00005

    If you haven’t listened to Piñata yet…then you slippin.

  • Accounts

    Gibbs been cold since midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuziK

    I still bump that mixtape

  • SK

    He’s been hitting on all cylinders. This is flames. Also love that he experiments with different producers and sounds.

  • Real is Real

    Gangsta Gibbs be doing his thang. I like that he staying on his grind. He be on that street shit but it dont sound like none of these clown ass niggas…

  • DoughboyCashout

    I See in the D..GangSta Fibbbs…Better not bitch up..fuck boy..We serious in Detroit