• RealshitHERE

    really enjoy when they go offtop like that. so fuckin tired of hearin verses all the time.. and kidd kidd got that energy

    • true story no lie

      Hell yea I had to download this in the flex freestyle. Bangin both all morning.

  • bottom side inc

    Kidd Kidd

  • Kidd Kidd really spitting like he hungry! That’s wassup cause I was really iffy about him being included to The Unit at first, he’s proven himself to be a worthy inclusion to the gang now!… I still would like to see Game in though, dude seems a bit lost musically now, I feel as if he was to get back wit Fif, he’d be on the right path again.

    • true story no lie

      Kidd kidd be spitting dnt sleep. tattoos over my bullet wounds got my attention.

      • Yeah, I liked a lot of his solo stuff but when I heard he was in G-Unit, I was just on the fence about it. Kidd Kidd is dope!

        • true story no lie

          Me too bro but I felt that way bout buck when I first heard stunt 101. I end up loving buck cuz he hard in that brings a different flavor. Kidd kidd freestyle game is on point.

    • Game & 50 ONLY collaborated on 3 songs (none mixtape) waaay back in 2005. Game has since made 4 albums, countless mixtapes, not to mention collaborations. Y’all need to let that the Game being in G-Unit thing die. Kidd Kidd is now more G-Unit than Game seeing as how they didn’t release music as a group when Game was a member. That’s like saying the same thing about Spider Loc… Just let it go.

      • What does the number of collaborations have to do with anything? (And it was 4 on album if you wanna get technical…). It is FACTS that outside of 50, Game was the MVP of G-Unit, his first album alone has sold more than all of Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Bucks COMBINED and the songs that he did collab on wit Fif was some of the best chemistry he had with any other G-Unit artist! I dare you to name a song that was better than “How We Do” or “Hate It or Love It”! What you gon tell me, “So Seductive” wit Yayo? “On Fire” wit Banks? Good Luck!

        • Andrew

          the thing about those songs is that they were made straight up for 50’s album and were just given to Game

          • Well who’s to say the same didn’t happen to the Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo singles, just saying. And frfr, that has nothing to do with anything, regardless, they were STILL Game’s songs.

        • I don’t disagree that Game was a huge asset to the Unit for that short time period he was in it. I’ll even go as far as to say, Game is to 50 what 50 is to Em. I’m only pointing out that people wanting more Game & 50 collaborations is due to nostalgia. Same way people wanted G-Unit back now they get ripped by some for every little move and get called irrelevant.

          And of course Game IS a bigger artist than anyone in G-Unit; he had extra support from Dr. Dre & Aftermath. G-Unit (Banks, Buck, Yayo) singles were basically being pushed by G-Unit Records as opposed to Interscope (google it). And he was being marketed as ‘the west coast savior’ how Kendrick is now. Top it off, he had 50 Cent in his prime writing his 1st three singles! Banks, Buck, and Yayo all have the stigma of being 50 Cent’s ‘homeboys’; Game didn’t, he came off more like a protege.

          As far as ‘chemistry’, listen to 50 & Banks on ‘True Loyalty’, 50, Banks & Yayo on ‘Ecstasy’, 50 & Buck’s ‘Hold On’, ‘I’ll Whip Your head Boy’, ect. You only think 50 had more chemistry with Game because Game was rapping on 50 Cent songs while utilizing and expending on the ideas he laid down!

      • iseerashonal

        Listen to ‘do you remember,’ ‘count on me’ and ‘im so sorry’…all are 50 n game mixtape songs fire!!!

        • ok, I’ve heard those. Still doesn’t change the fact that they only have 3 NONE mixtape songs. Meaning 3 songs that the casual hip-hop fans remember.

  • facts

    guarantee the game gone be back with the unit or 50 cent gunna start beefing with game right around street king immortal or documentary 2. these niggas plan this shit perfectly

    • Heh, Documentary 2… Something that should NOT be done without 50 Cent and Dr. Dre’s involvement. Hate it when niggas release sequels to albums that don’t live up to expectations. *shrugs*

      • iseerashonal

        Marshal matthers lp2 uffff
        Carter 4
        I dont think game gon do it

  • vato232


  • Michael Ib bett

    Never came to me his name is a play on cosmic key

  • “hustlemania”

    It’s so good to have them back

    Been listening to some Kidd Kidd on youtube

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Damn this freestyle dope reminds me of the ROCK freestyle at hot97 funk master flex.

  • Erick

    Niggas trash get SlaughterHouse or The LOX up here so we can hear some real BARS

    • Hussle


  • jlUK

    If everybody gettin’ cheese you know somebody rattin’ – Kidd Kidd

  • GIG

    kidd kidd dog.. dont sleep

  • OgSnowflake187

    Young buck hit that transition on the jeezy beat real nice

  • Nickey38

    Kidd Kidd is to GUnit what Meek is to MMG.

    Fifty needs to get on that mic often. Banks to.

    Kidd hungry!

  • Doug coker

    This shit wack…really. ..couple punch lines that’s all…Game,Lil Snoop,killed Cosmic Kev…All by themselves. ..period

  • John Dope

    Shots out to G Unit

    for fucking with Boosie Badazz.four sings the government don’t want to u to hear by BOOSIE “Fuck the Police” Full of that Shit” Pray for Me”&”Tear it Down” Every gangsta on dat west coast show badazz some luv.Sep 23rd album dropz

  • The Incredible Creation