New Video: Vince Staples “Fire”

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Confessions Of Fire.

Vince Staples has a lot on the brain. Within the house of God, he takes a seat inside the confessional booth and clears his conscious in his new video. Don’t forget, Hell Can Wait here.

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  • Marley71

    Niggas need Jesus. You’re confused, just because the white man enslaved you and bastardized the bible, don’t forget that Jesus came hid out in Africa, and that some of the earliest churches from circa 100AD were in Africa. Christianity is not a white man’s religion, don’t get it twisted. The ignorance of that thinking that permeates this video detracts from whatever good intentions the artist is trying to communicate.

    • kareem

      Nigga, shut the fuck up. Like Jay-Z said

    • Selorm Amuzu

      nahh its just you and your need to be a pan-african for no reason

    • Sway am

      I just wanna say a couple things.

      Everybody walking around saying this cool that’s that, blah blah just wait man…


    • Kid Kenny

      The original Christ story (virgin birth, death and resurrection) was written on the walls of pyramids way before there was any Jesus Christ.

  • The Incredible Creation

    gotta check out that project tho!

  • Sway am

    I cant explain what it must be like to have too many harships to just Hate Jesus idk i cant say nothing bout that

    I been pissed and my faith has wavered but i’ll let Jesus handle me

  • the beat is mean

  • SaniAbacha

    I watched/listened to this shit with the screw face. Shit is hella meaaan!