New Music: Snoop Dogg Ft. Spanky Danky x WesWestCuh “Thug Life”


Dubs Up.

Snoop Dogg’s celebrating his 43rd birthday today. But before blowing out the candles, he pours out a lil’ liquor for Mr. Shakur on this inspired cut.

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  • Justin Mills

    That last verse sounds like Jadan Smith. Snoop say Misfits on the song also. Might be Jadan. Honestly, that’s the best verse on the song.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This shit corny the first nigga was off beat.

  • jaja420


  • M.E.C.C.A,

    You know what’s fucked yo about “our” culture “we” don’t even respect it….we continue to ridicule ourselves with outlandish content and we exploit ourselves hell even our own family our own sons for the sake of what…enlightenment hell no just so we can get a fucking check to further live a degrading lifestyle….I’m surprise none of these “legends” out here trying to pimp their daughters in this industry….I think they waiting till they a legal “consenting” adult then it’s a go.

    What part of the Rastafarian movement is this brethren!?!?

  • 1KillMovez1

    This was wack as fuck being real.

  • Earl Big Lips

    How many New York rappers that was rappin in 92 still gettin money providing for there fam making sure there kids kids dont gotta worry about shit!?!

  • whipp

    if u cant rap off beat then wtf u rappin 4….shut that bitchass up…

  • 2pac didn’t even fuck with Snoop.

  • let that man rest in peace this is straight GARBAGE

  • Von