New Video: Jazmine Sullivan “Forever Don’t Last

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Tears Of A Bride.

Jazmine Sullivan’s hope for a long lasting love comes to an end in her new video off her forthcoming album, Reality Show. After calling off her wedding, she takes to her grandparents farm and official bids farewell to her fiancé.

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  • DahFuxUMean

    She is a Queen, when mentioning vocalist and song writers. Truly under appreciated

  • Carl Winslow

    She got fat. #R&B Game Stressful.

    • veesky

      She’s still bad to me.

    • Gambino

      And your screen name is Carl Winslow you fat fuck

  • her voiceeeee ^_^


    Tig Ol’ Bitties and Nice chill song!

  • Joseph Cephas

    Ms. Sullivan is truly what Philly is “Great Music” artist! Welcome home! We love you Philly fans!

  • awwwhhh…this song is so sad, but awesome at the same time…The video is beautiful! welcome back Jazmine Sullivan!