New Video: Rapper Big Pooh “Augmentation”

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From the record store to the streets, Rapper Big Pooh schools some of the newcomers in the game. Off his Words Paint Pictures with Apollo Brown.

“Sometimes you have to destroy and rebuild in order to augment an idea. Augmentation is me destroying the idea that a lot of young cats have about a career in Hip Hop/Rap. We are trained to look at the exceptions and accept them as the standard. I just wanted to share some real game with up and comers, spectators, and those looking to make their mark.” – Rapper Big Pooh

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  • Sommo

    You support this guy but not Retch or Da$H ? SMH

  • ygg

    Looks like he had a breast augmentation

  • DubbG_PBG

    reminds me of Pop Pop by Jesse Is Heavyweight…

    • zzz

      Oh really? Is that who he reminds you of?…stfu nobody cares

      • ts

        Lol kinda looks like him too.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Fat Nigga flow lazy as hell.

  • The Incredible Creation