New Video: Rihanna “American Oxygen”

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 3.45.58 PM

Yankee Gal.

After debuting this live over the weeekend, Rihanna gets even more political in her new video. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to right wing conservatives questioning Ri Ri’s citizenship. Breathe easy, R8 is on the way.

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  • x file

    that tidal shit failed yet or nah?

    • Music

      Jay Z is a true business man.

      You think he spend hard millions on something that will fail? He knows how to win, we don’t even know his true purpose with Tidal.

    • ToadDaddy

      Why should Tidal fail? Just because U can’t afford $9.99.

      • Brian B.Dotâ„¢ Miller

        And let the church say AMEN.

    • Dashing28

      The TIDAL hate is pretty lame. Niggas got no problem giving $ to random white CEO, but soon as JAY do it, they start clowning.

      All TIDAL needs to do is have a 3 month FREE trial, release new Ye, Rih, Jay, B, Cole, Arcade Fire, Jack White, Daft Punk and Usher that’s exclusive on TIDAL and get folks hooked. They fucked up with the 1 month trial. And the $20 version gotta offer more than just lossless HI Fi sound.

  • ToadDaddy

    Upload that Rapsody Hot 97 interview stop hating on Rapsody..

  • Rihanna nipples on Fleek

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I love you ri ri but this isn’t how a domestic abuse victim should act.

    • JJ

      Stfu Gonzalez

      • el jim chapo guzman


  • Guest

    So much for “Rap” radar?

  • TimeChange

    this is more than what id expect from Rihanna,so salute

  • Jay

    She is beautiful and a amazing singer

  • feelfreetobeniggas

    Let me speak my mind and keep it 100%. As a black person, I THANK THE LORD I AM NOT AMERICAN.

  • MassConglom

    This is actually pretty good RiRi.

  • i think she gonna get some new fans because of this song its powerful…nipples are on fleek tho lol