New Music: Ransom Ft. Royce Da’ 5’9″ x 3D Na’Tee “Soul Killa”


Soul Hunter.

Ransom’s coming for your soul on the title track of his upcoming album. Produced by Ran himself, he lets Royce run anchor with a padded 64 bars.

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  • thedeamkid19

    deam that was good

  • el jim chapo guzman

    royce da 59 murdered ramson on his own track…3D na tee was corny.

  • WTF

    Ransom should join Shady Records

  • Sonic

    Trash. So-called “real hip hop” fans typically don’t know what they want. They want older artists to make new albums, but they don’t want to buy them.

    • Kanye Asada

      Oh my gosh! Once again, you nailed it! I mean who wants to hear these older artists amirite? Real hip hop is geniuses like Young Thug or Fetty Wap who bring lyrics and fashion to the forefront! Young Thug’s new mixtape will be revered as a modern day classic!!! Mark my words!!

      • Sonic

        Exactly. Thanks for the support. I appreciate you.

  • Solid record.. Wonder why Ransom let Royce get 64 bars.

  • KD

    What about the youngest Female emcee in
    the game at only 11 and got bars JustKayla. check her out on her new
    single Watchin Me featuring 3D Na’TEE…/25014737-watchin-me…