Erykah Badu & Jay Electronica On The Breakfast Club

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Mars Parents.

With her mixtape You Cain’t Use My Phone arriving November 27, Erykah Badu made her first appearance on The Breakfast Club. As Jay Electronica looked on (and chimed in), Ms. Badu spoke on her allure, past relationships, Drake, Elect releasing music, and more.

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  • DoughboyToad

    Clearly Jay E won’t drop no damn album but he can be in radio stuidos.SMH

    • uʍop ǝpısdn

      stuidos? You write with your tongue froggy?

  • This fool is scared to drop an album cause he know he can’t live up to the hype and expectations. He’s one of the most over hyped disappointments in the game. At this point does anyone really care what he does? We have moved onto artists that actually release good music.

    • DoughboyToad



      #realtalk I saw a comment from some1 that said he like the dead beat dad of hip hop,come around once in a while & drop gems then afterwards nowhere to be found

      • Trillionare

        LLLLLLLLMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO, wow Ive never heard him compared to something like that but I can defiantly see the similarties!!!

        • DETALES

          lol smh, son is nice but personally speaking i feel it has to be that he cant make a single to precede the album

    • Guest Who’s Back

      Now Felicia? You know damn well that your favorite pole dancer/ anal pirate Young Thong has released how many mixtapes with no album in sight? Right around 762487623487628746287 with no buzz WHATSOEVER! Once again the pot is calling the kettle black! And I’m a bit disappointed that you removed the link to your “FRESH Beats” because that shit was pure NyQuil! Put me right to sleep. Lmfao Buh-Bye Felicia

      • I didn’t remove the link, you delusional fool.

    • F*ck Drake

      Definitely not over hyped. The hype is there because He releases amazing songs just not an album.

      We have been waiting for so fucking long for this old mother fucker to drop shit we get mad. Old fuck. Piece of shit. Bitch. Ol’ wrinkley ass bitch. Fuck you Jay.

    • agree

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Who IS these pig’s, we need to push these pig’s away with a 44 magnum hollow point..


    Fuck this nigga and his overhyped chakras. Yall gassed this nigga like he the second coming and he leftball yall hanging.

  • Stuntman Mike

    Jay Elect is good with me! He’s a complete flake when it comes to an album release but the kid has bars and that’s why he still receives the exposure that he does! Let’s keep it 100

  • John Bzo

    at this point he’s got enough material to tour small venues and he got followers overseas, an album will a hit or miss…he’s 39, so it’s better to capitalize on past material and start writing books etc etc…but who knows?