• disqus_9YNSYd9

    His flow is nice on this one.

  • Dre A K

    U ain’t Neva gotta question is a pitta excepted… THE REAL CAN BE DENIED #

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Lazy flow.

  • thedeamkid19

    used to have good beats, now they are average

    • LKA $

      Pilot Talk 3 beats aren’t good? Lol

      • thedeamkid19

        who is talking about pilot talk 3? im talking about this record right here. and yes pilot talk 3 is the worst of them, you need to listen to the drive thru theatre cause those are the best beats

  • Luther

    Spitta flow on this 🔥

  • Mary, Mary/ Showroom fave spit take tracks