• RGeezy

    Flex was not feeling it

  • Savimbi


  • el jim chapo guzman

    punkmaster flex was looking at Consequence like: get the fuck outta here with that bull shit.

  • Pill Cosby™

    Cons the type of dude you ignore but just give him a pass because Ye, Q-Tip co sign him kind of like Sharif in Menace II society.

  • The Real Talk Of BK

    Cons shouldn’t ever attempt this …no world play, no multies, no punchlines …like nothing memorable.
    How Son cosigned by Greats it’s beyond me … then again a reality star is president of the U.S

  • Got Em!

    All teeth, no fillings.

  • 476231

    mouth full of iphone 6 plus

    and this was boringggg