• Scromes1212

    It’s hard to mess with these dudes lyrically! When they pick the right production they get busy. hopefully they go ahead and put out the album. This the year to drop. I’m sure the Royce project won’t disappoint.
    SN: Hov put the battery in Mouse back lol

  • Lil buster

    cool rap dudes

  • Lil buster

    Best busters wrapping gifts for birthdays

  • Lil buster

    Best since lil twist

  • Lil buster

    I’ll light a bubble gum cigarette and drive my moms car to dis

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Pissy staircase rap this track hard. BTW is that a shot at jay z, Joe budden said I heard your album all sounds like philly to me.

    • jizzle

      I think he said “sounds like filler to me”…like “filler-songs” on a wack album.

  • 476231

    Looks like Royce got Eminem’s permission to include Slaughterhouse.

  • RapFAN


  • jlUK

    Bars for days